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Loki Episode 3 Review: Laminitis Apocalypse



Loki Episode 3 Review: Laminitis Apocalypse

Loki Episode 3 Review: Laminitis Apocalypse

The third episode of Marvel’s Loki, “Laminitis”, threw our main man and therefore the Variant he’s been chasing into a deadly situation from which there ultimately seemed to be no escape. We have watched it and here is our Loki Episode 3 Review.  This episode also made Loki canonically bisexual within the MCU and opened a can of TVA worms which will keep us wondering about the true nature and identity of the Time-Keepers for a short time longer. Let’s get started with Loki Episode 3 Review including the good and the bad!

Introduction to Loki Episode 3 

Loki Episode 3 Review

This episode picks up with Loki following the destruction of Asgard in the previous episode and, after discovering the only flight to safety is to Dragon’s Eye Isle (the last survivor of the Age of the Universe), he and his captive aura arrive. 

Inside, he discovers the heads of Loki, Medusa, Bellatrix, and Morwen, and all hell breaks loose. The plot of “Laminitis” was all about grief, loss, and guilt, but even those of us who were here on the first two episodes will find ourselves having to be reminded of who Loki is, what he stands for, and what his goals are. 

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Loki Episode 3 Review & thoughts 

The time-traveling got everyone worried. Everyone is worried that this was going to be the episode where a couple of characters died (I was still being hopeful that this wouldn’t happen), and I was expecting something a lot more snarky and snarky. But mostly… it’s the Loki we love. All the humor and jokiness (and adorability) are still there. 

Now, if only it wasn’t a world of pigs who had to do things he didn’t want to. And who were following him everywhere and listening to every word he said. Because it definitely did, and I was totally on the side. But I digress. The Loki episode this week was unlike any other we’ve seen. 

The best part about Loki Episode 3

Loki Episode 3 Review Best Part

The episode as a whole wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. Loki’s motivation for tracking down his girl was muddled and unsure, and it appeared that this odd bond with Sylvie might be drawing him more towards Asgard than home, resulting in a bumpy few days for our third most well known bad guy. 

I also like how the episode is focusing on Loki as an origin story of sorts, and I’m glad that even if the god of mischief is always going to be his own worst enemy and the Universe’s greatest psychopath, that wasn’t going to stop him from striving to be a better man. What one doesn’t like about the episode is one could go on about Loki’s motivations, but his behavior, in general, got a bit too weird this episode.

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Worse parts about Loki Episode 3

This episode and the previous one have made it very clear that Marvel Television plans on making Agent Peggy Carter a full-time fixture on these characters’ respective shows. The episode was slow and focused more on the chemistry between Loki and the other variant Sylvie.

The true identity of the Time-Keepers

Loki Episode 3 Review Time Keepers

As the episodes of Loki proceeds, we are closer to know about the true identity of the Time-keepers. After all, we don’t know who are they? They might be Kang and his team or someone else? In the coming 2 episodes who knows we might come to know. What do you think from our Loki Episdoe 3 Review who might be the timekeepers actually?


We are just three episodes into the series and it is already starting to feel like it can be the Loki, and Avengers, series we deserve. Game of Thrones-style twists. To sum up, in the Loki episode 3 review, be careful what you wish for… Heir of Kellar. At first blush, this may look like another one of those Thor and Loki buddy-movie types, but Loki’s true identity was probably a deal-breaker for the Scarlet Witch’s lover and…well, probably a bit of a deal-breaker for them, as they just can’t seem to stop coming back to each other.


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