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Loki Episode 1 Review: Marvel’s God of Mischief



Loki Episode 1 Review: Marvel’s God of Mischief

Marvel has started with several web series. These web series are going to pave the way for movies together. So, it is necessary that one doesn’t miss out on watching any. It started off with WandaVision and then The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The Loki Episode 1 is the third one of Marvel’s web series. We’ve watched it to show you Loki Episode 1 Review!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney+ offerings so far are awesome, but the first episode of Loki especially is mind-boggling. It’s funny, it’s mysterious, and admittedly it’s gonna wreck your brain! It didn’t hurt that it is a freshly brewed brew by Marvel. As such, Hiddleston is given the prospect to play against the absurdist rigamarole of the Time Variance Authority.

It makes audiences get to enjoy some slapstick fun at the expense, as he’s fitted with a kind of control device that allows the TVA’s agents to prevent him from acting out by rewinding him a few seconds whenever he tries. To lash out on and on, here is our Loki Episode 1 Review. Let’s get it rolling and we promise you, it is time to get awestruck.

Loki Episode 1 Review 

The passage starts off within the interrogation room and also means Loki gets trapped in the events depicted in Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Infinity War. Then this starts to suggest to us that he learns, in very quick succession, that within the main timeline, he unintentionally causes his mother’s death, kind of becomes good, and ultimately dies at the hand of Thanos, precisely while trying to do the proper thing and help the Avengers for once. The entire tape roll of his life is played in front of him. With this, he is left amused.

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In order to get said cooperation, Mobius leads Loki into an interrogation room. It is a place where he plays a reel of Loki’s worst moments. By the way, during Loki’s meeting with the judge, the judge mentioned Loki Laufeyson.

This is often intriguing because Laufey was the king of the Frost Giants in Jotunheim. He was Loki’s biological father before he was adopted as a baby by Odin and Frigga. As long as Loki has spent 10 years and 6 movies wrestling together with his past, throwing the name of Laufey in his face seems a touch abrupt, but FINE! Clearly, the TVA made the audience revisit Loki’s past and interrogate his true nature.

Loki: The God of Mischief

The Timekeepers in Loki Episode 1


The entire episode is great Loki content. It’s so tortured, so emotional. Knowing and understanding the Time Variance Authority itself is an overwhelming challenge. The TVA has in place its own rules for time travel. Other than that, the sole purpose of them is to prune the ones who cause a nexus event i.e. delivery away from the sacred timeline. If you have already watched, then here are some other Netflix Recommendations!

The episode contains the type of scene that creates fans wanting to carry him until the pain goes away. One gets pretty fascinated by the very fact that Loki, by looking into his future, has just learned that he is often good, but that doing so will end in his own, arguably premature death. That’s sure to have some impact on his choices in future episodes.


Tom Hiddleston aka Loki


Before one discusses any further, it is time to clap for Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston’s performance was a scene-stealer as Loki. There’s a reason that the character has become one of the foremost beloved figures within the MCU. And, the reason is the man who plays the character of Loki himself. 

He definitely shines with great colors in our Loki Episode 1 Review and even for fans. Loki’s self-aggrandizing nature, also as his propensity to sarcasm, are wonderful opportunities for comic relief, which he exploits brilliantly. 


With that, the story starts to settle as the shocks stop. Loki sees around the TVA and calls the Time Keepers lizards which are derived from the comics. Other than that, he finds out that his powers or anyone else’s are useless in the TVA. the future episodes would make you know more about it. No spoilers! He would be used to hunt him down itself. 

That’s how Loki Episode 1 ends. The show stops and the audience has to take it all in and think. The TVA, time travel. Everything gets questioned. To put our Loki Episode 1 Review in one sentence, Loki has taken continuity violation to a next level with the masterminds at Marvel!

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