Margot Robbie Birthday: 5 Best Performances & Pictures

Margot Robbie Birthday

The Harley Quinn within the DC Universe is currently amongst the highest Hollywood actresses whose name is perhaps on every director’s wishlist. Leonardo Di Caprio’s movie called The Wolf of the Wall Street was the turning chapter in her Hollywood career.

After that none of them has looked back as their careers blew off. She has certainly come an extended way within the industry and is additionally actively involved as a producer besides being an excellent actress. Margot Robbie birthday entices a lot of fans so, we have curated a list of her 5 best performances and pictures.

Well, on the days when she isn’t ruling fan’s hearts with her acting abilities, she’s making heads turn with her terrific appearances. She has made several appearances all the way from Chanel to Elie Saab. Margot has probably nailed all the different designs by all the prominent brands on the red carpet. She is really blessed with a tall and lean frame.

5 Best Performances from Margot Robbie

So, here is our list of the best 5 performances from Margot Robbie. It goes all the way from the start to the present. Make sure to go through them all. Meanwhile, here are the best series recommendations.

She has the ability to pull off any damn design that her stylist decides to throw at her. Margot is a fashionista who’s always on the roll and has successfully managed to find a place for herself in our list of best-dressed celebrities. Her appearances are delightful. For all of the audiences including her fans, she is eye candy to look at.

The Legend of Tarzan: Jane Clayton

In this 2016 sequel-of-sorts of the classic tales of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robbie plays the role of Jane Clayton. Though the film itself received mixed critical reception, its commanding cast – including Alexander Skarsgård, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson – all collected commendation. Robbie’s jubilant Jane was equally exalted for this as well. The Legend of Tarzan might not be Robbie’s weightiest work, but she showed that she could bring her acting genius to genre films also. An Oscar-winning odyssey is no small feat.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Tanya Vanderpoel


In this role, Robbie acted along in her supporting role with Tina Fey. Robbie’s savvy synthesis of smarts and seductiveness is just too alluring to avoid. By the top, Robbie even has got to dig into some more “ambiguous” angles to Tanya’s arc also, leveraging her limited screen time to convey her admirable ability to make complex characters almost on a dime, regardless of what proportion material she’s given to figure with.

I, Tonya: Tonya Harding


This role which Margot took up was the most difficult and different. Working on the movie required her and everyone around to have an entirely different perspective. Margot along with the director Craig Gillespie and writer Steven Rogers made sure that there were no pitfalls that paved a way for the audience. This strategy would only succeed if that they had a star that audiences would accept who could also control both Tonya’s stubbornness and her sadness.

Suicide Squad / Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn


We don’t think we need to tell you about this role much. It was this character that made her the show stopper and famous. This character allowed her to reckon with the exciting criminal Quinn mania. This trickster work enabled her for all the future opportunities for her characters.

The Wolf Of Wall Street: Naomi Lapaglia

Naomi Lapaglia

On Margot Robbie birthday, how can we not talk about her role in The Wolf of Wall Street? Her sassy acting skills took huge strides along with the main character. The main character was played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Even her character being self-assertive, she nailed her role. If you haven’t then you must check on the scenes!

Awards & Recognition

Margot Robbie Birthday pictures

Flash forward seven years later, and Margot Robbie has now earned two Academy Award nominations. She also has a military of adoring fans across the world. Margot Robbie birthday allows us to look back into her amazing movies like the
Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey. those movies were the best representation of her abilities. In recognition of the anniversary of the previous film’s release – particularly significant for Robbie’s “movie star status.” There were no better thanks to celebrating than by analyzing the acclaimed actress’s best performances and offering our ranking of those radiant roles.


Wishing Margot Robbie a very Happy Birthday, we hope you liked our list of 5 Best Performances. Sure, she did shy away from her shortcomings. But after texturing with work, she did her best. That makes her acting audacious which is an achievement as well.


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