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Loki Episode 2 Review: Loki is back and better than ever!



Loki Episode 2 Review: Loki is back and better than ever!

Loki Episode 2 Review: Loki is back at work

Marvel has started with several web series. All of these web series are going to connect together as a way for several movies together. So, it is necessary that one doesn’t miss out on watching any. It started off with WandaVision and then The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The second episode of Loki is out. We’ve watched it to show you Loki Episode 2 Review!

The variant is back and this time the TVA is going to use him. Yes, they will use Loki to catch Loki from another timeline. The things are going to be interesting, so get ready and buckle up your seats for the same. We have also made a review for Loki Episode 1

Loki & its presence in MCU

Loki is a villain that was introduced in Thor and then only grew more powerful from there. He also created the Marvel universe’s biggest villain, Heimdall. Loki played a crucial role in Thor 2 and then the events in Thor were narrated in a miniseries called Infinity Gauntlet.

But, then Loki became the main character of the movie. Loki was the boyfriend to Jane Foster and was the son of Odin. But the former turned out to be a good person and the latter a good king. We see him with Loki in Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and as a good and bad character in Thor: The Dark World and Ragnarok.

Loki MCU Recap

When we last saw Loki, he had lost his sister, Hela. So, to get his revenge on Odin, he went through the barrier and took the Tesseract and a big chunk of Asgard. As a result, Odin was banished and Thor was left at home. As everyone expected, Thor was completely powerless and that’s the reason for Loki’s success. 


He went back to his home and made Thor into a slave. Even though he was against him, Thor finally got back to his senses. He told Loki that he would not accept him as an equal. So, they worked together to find the real enemy. A few days later, they got on the side together as a team. But then, Loki said that he had to leave and the two bickered a lot. Enter: Gods and Demigods The entire Marvel MCU of Loki is here.

Loki Episode 2 Review & Plot

Loki episode 2 review

The Loki episode 2 starts off at a portal in the Renaissance fair. It is the 1985 timeline where the minuteman gets killer by the other Loki variant. The minutemen from the Time Variance Authority (TVA) are looking for variance energy. It is the same energy that is produced by variants which in this case is an old Loki Variant. The TVA’s minuteman team is lead by C-20 and other agents. What the TVA doesn’t know is that this Loki is the strongest and smartest. It somehow finds a catch in the nexus events to escape. 

In the episode, the variant Loki manages to kill the entire group. It then steals the reset charges and takes their leader C-20 hostage. This hostage is going to pave a road for future episodes. Also, the variant Loki has not revealed his face yet. We hope in the coming episodes they would. 

All of this leads Mobius and Loki to work together. They both spend their time looking through all of the different Loki variant’s files. This is all in the attempt to find any clues to catch the dangerous variant.

Opinions & Impressions of Episode 2

loki episode 2 review

First things first. This review won’t give you a detailed rundown of what happened on the show. No, this is a spoiler-free review of Loki Episode 2. I won’t give out any key points. The Episode is something one would have never seen. 


The second episode has broken the mold for what we think a web series should do. It’s doing it better than most movies made web series. He’s angrier and hungrier than ever. He’s also smiling, laughing, and being himself. Hiddleston has completely won us over with his performance as Loki in the series. Sure, they might not have this much action or a whole story. But it looks like a character-driven and cinematic story. All because of this Loki.


The first episode of Loki was about the TVA. In the second episode, we got to know more about Loki and TVA plans. This gives an indication that the show is going to surprise you every now and then. To put our Loki Episode 2 Review in one sentence, Loki has hyped us for the next episodes.

A lot of things are in queue to be unveiled. For all those who haven’t watched the first episode, go ahead and do it first. Then watch this, it’s a must-watch! The Animation Loki shows us different sides of Loki. The show is one of the best-interesting shows. The characters are designed in a way that one can recognize. And while that may not be a highlight for most people, the makers have tried their best to make the whole show look appealing. Everything is top-notch.



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