Love Alarm Season 2 Review: This Show Is Way More Than A RomCom

The second season of Love Alarm packs up a well-curated story of romance. It is combined with brilliant performances along with a steady pace to be enjoyed. The season is awaited by the resounding proof of Jojo’s feeling. She is set out to uninstall the shield. Later she wants to make the app ring for her true love. Here is our Love Alarm Season 2 Review after watching it!

Love Alarm Season 2

Love Alarm Season 2 Review

It is famous Awww. All of the fans wanted this so bad! Series director Lee Na-Jeong gets us. He puts us in the shoes of a young woman who is going on a journey to discover if the man of her dreams is really interested in her. And yes, she succeeds! With a pompous hat. Like every anime, the show has a ton of misunderstandings, a maze of assumptions, and overwhelming intensity.

As does every romantic comedy, the show has genuine heartfelt moments, with genuine laughs. For the most part, the first season was a disappointment to many and a letdown for the fans of the Awkward Romance genre. They were hoping for a completely different story with the same cast of characters and a new setting. But now it works! The second season arrives and returns with a different story set in the same OTT landscape.

Love Alarm Season 2 Review: Best Parts

Love Alarm Season 2

Well, the viewers already know that the creators of Love Alarm, are masters of concept creation. With the kind of quality content that becomes an integral part of the conversation. In fact, the biggest mistake that fans make while bingeing their favorite shows is not watching them in proper succession.

The second season is also an example of how good content is followed by a tight storyline and impressive music in every episode. With music, the show is able to create a space that keeps your pulse racing and adds a layer of production value. Every single scene is beautifully shot, and you can feel the passion behind each moment. More importantly, it is a genuine love story that has a lot of heart to it.

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Love Alarm: Drawbacks

The shortness of Season 2 was felt by everyone. It’s not a matter of quantity, it’s a matter of quality. This season had a decent running time of just 6 episodes. It was quite short for a series like Love Alarm. What’s worse, the running time wasn’t peppered with much fluff. If I had to put it in words, it was a kind of a whirlwind romance with a short span of time in it.

The viewers were lucky to have had even one season. Hence, they felt the passion that most shows lack. There was only one ‘hour’ in each episode, and it felt like just a flashback with a shorter run time. In fact, fans would have loved to have seen more of the actors, rather than watching their chemistry fade away. Let’s hope this is explored further for season 2!

Upcoming Season 3

Overall the Season 2 was a good k-drama. It was not the endgame most fans expected. It was because the second lead became the first lead for the end. However, for some fans, it left a hole in their hearts. The character’s logic could have been better. Not all questions are answered still. Thus, it was definitely not an endgame for the fans. More things are left to be explored in the Love Alarm Season 3. Till then you can watch it on Netflix or check out our other Netflix Recommendations.


This show is worth watching, for it does not try to be fluffy or aim for the easy target. It is a good show for romance lovers. To sum up Love Alarm Season 2 Review, the word love sums up the entire season, which is high for a romcom. Not all parents will be convinced to allow their children to watch it though, for parents will find it challenging to figure out the timeline of the relationships in the show. 

Jojo believes that she has met the love of her life and would do anything for him, but he is extremely unavailable. This makes the app awkward to uninstall. She is ready to do anything in order to be with him. Sadly for her, he is still in love with someone else and is dating her.


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