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The Netflix Original Movie How I Became a Super Hero: Does it Live Up to Expectations?



How I Became A Super Hero

How I Became a Super Hero Review:

In an alternate Paris today, enhanced people have become so common that a superwoman sells salad kits in TV spots and a YouTuber ranks superheroes worst to best. Pio Marmai (Pio Moreau), the police detective assigned to the super-powered community, is the liaison. . As far as the plot is concerned, this and the Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt special effects-driven films are virtually synonymous. Compared to the latter film, the aforementioned one takes itself less seriously and doesn’t rely as much on special effects.

How I Became A Super Hero

Marmai is a former cop named Moreau tasked with kicking his bad past to the curb. Lieutenant Schaltzmann (a brilliant Vimala Pons) gets involved in investigating a string of arson cases after he is reluctantly paired with him. As soon as the duo realizes the incidents have gone beyond a couple of teens acting rogue, they are convinced that there is much more at stake. In the beginning, we are introduced to a world in which superpowers are sold in the form of drugs on the underground market. Naja or Mathias (Swann Arlaud) is at the heart of this racket, a vicious killer with an emotional past.

Watch How I Became a Superhero on Netflix

Through a dark prism, the film veers off course to tackle a few unsaid questions about superheroes. The complexes that superheroes carry, including psychoses, greed, and ego, are sensitively addressed in this film. As it does so, though, the film also offers viewers a truly adventurous ride. As a hard-charging cop with a few tricks up his sleeve, Pio Marmai is superb.


After a spate of fires breaks out around Paris, Moreau discovers that someone is selling superpowers as a street drug. Inhale the flames from the glow stick, then shoot them from your hands. You can’t overdose on superpowers without killing your mortal self. As the bloodshed continues, it doesn’t concern Nija (Swann Arlaud), who invented the method for surgically removing superpowers.

By abducting his own henchmen and putting him under the knife, Naja is slowly being driven mad by his own product, as his henchmen ensure that he captures more enhanced individuals. Leonardo and Callista are forced to suit up once again so Moreau and Schaltzmann (Vimala Pons) can connect the dots between Naja, a disgraced psychologist who specializes in superhero-related diseases, Leonardo and Callista are forced to suit up once again in order to help the detectives solve crimes while restoring superhero reputations.

It turns out that the enhancements of some people are less well-known than those of others, so they’ll have lots of help in this venture.

Watch these performances:

Poelvoorde, a Belgian actor and comedian, channels a pleasantly drunken David Niven in this role, bouncing from room to room in a dressing gown, recalling his days fighting crime with Pack Royal and, generally, refusing to acknowledge his Parkinson’s disease slowly killing him is even a thing to worry about. The look on his face as he climbs out of a pile of debris, looking as though he meant to do that, is dripping with endearingly cartoonish arrogance when he attempts to throttle a bad guy.

Final Verdict on “How I Became a Super Hero”:

It is ultimately the excellent cast of the film that makes it work. There is palpable chemistry between Pons and Marmai. The film stays light and fun due to Marmai’s boyish charm and excellent delivery of the film’s snappy dialog. In the end, his character can help you through the darkness. This can be attributed to Arlaud’s Naja, which is ridiculous to the extreme. Also to Poelvoorde’s credit, his Monte Carlo steals the show in this episode.


A film like How I Became a Super Hero on Netflix is not perfect, but it is well-produced and entertaining. The art of making a genre film that is both funny, entertaining, and engaging while retaining classic tropes is difficult these days. In either case, I’ll be ready to back a franchise as soon as Marmai and Pons get on board.

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