Blown Away Season 3 Release Date, Judges & Host And More Exciting News That You Cannot Miss Out On!

Blown Away Season 3 Release Date, Judges & Host And More Exciting News That You Cannot Miss Out On!

The show has a huge international fan following and the fans are demanding the renewal of Blown Away Season 3. Netflix has a wide variety of exciting reality shows and competitions under its belt with the likes of The Great British Baking Show, The Final Table, and The Ultimate

Beastmaster but nothing comes close to the uniqueness of the show Blown Away. The Canadian reality show is truly one of the most fascinating competitions that Netflix has to offer. Here is all the news regarding the release of Blown Away Season 3.

Blown Away Season 3
Blown Away

Produced by Ron Carrol, the show debuted in February 2019 and received a positive response from audiences and critics alike. Initially released on Makeful, a Canadian broadcasting channel but was soon picked up by Netflix following the show’s quick rise to popularity and dropped the first season for streaming in July of the same year for streaming.

It got 8 out of 10 ratings on IMDb and a full 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Season 1 ran from February 20 to April 24, 2019, and Season 2 from January 22 to February 24, 2021.

Being a critically acclaimed show, Blown Away is touted as an educational show. The glassblowing competition is now popular worldwide and the ratings of the show just prove it. Fans are curious about the release of Blown Away Season 3 since the show was delayed due to the pandemic.

Competition Format On Blown Away

Blown Away has been successful in popularising Glass Blowing on an international stage. The contenders for the competition are 10 glassblowers who compete to be crowned Best In Glass at the end of the season with a cash prize. Besides a cash prize of $60,000, the winner also gets a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass. The glassblowers compete simultaneously in a custom-built facility in which 10 glassblowers can work at a time. The facility was built in consultation with experts from the industry.

Each season of Blown Away has 10 episodes. The contestants compete against each other as they design their pieces and blow them out during the course of the episode. The glassblowers present their work to the judges. The episodes have a run time of 30 minutes but are in fact shot in 4 hours. Yes, the contestants design and create those beautiful pieces before presenting them to the judges in just under 4 hours.

Blown Away Season 3
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Each season starts off with 10 glassblowers and at the end of every episode, the weakest contestant is eliminated.  This goes on until there are only two glassblowers remaining in the competition. The final two contestants have a glass blow-off in the finale of the season. The winner gets to take home $60,000 in cash prize and gets the title of Best in Glass. The format of the competition series is fun and entertaining to watch. With heartbreaks in the very first episode and a nail-biting, fierce competition towards the end of the season. 

Blown Away Season 3 Judges And Hosts

The show’s host, Nick Uhas, is an actor, former competitive inline skater, a YouTuber, and a TV host. In addition to his Big Brother past, he is famous for hosting The Weather Channel’s ‘Brain Storm’ show and for hosting his YouTube channel, Nickipedia. Katherine Gray, a celebrated Canadian glass artist, is the chief judge on the show.

A lecturer at California State University, San Bernardino, she holds an associate professor title. A selection of Gray’s works has been exhibited at the Corning Museum of Galss and various other glass museums around the world.

Each episode features a special guest evaluator from a different walk of life who is passionate about glassblowing. Therefore, if Blown Away season 3 is to be produced, Uhas and Gray are likely to return every episode with a new batch of contestants and guest evaluators.

Blown Away Season 3 Release Date

Based on the success of the previous two seasons, we may assume that Netflix will renew Blown Away for a third season. Ron Carroll wanted it to be “binge-worthy.” For that reason, all the episodes were released at once. In addition, a former factory building was converted for filming, suggesting that the series has plans for the future. 

Blown Away Season 3
Blown Away Season 3

It is not surprising that the show will be renewed for a third season, considering this, as well as the positive reviews. It is likely that ‘Blown Away’ season 3 will premiere sometime in early 2022 if and when that happens.


Blown Away has stirred up the world of Glass blowing and has managed to grab the world’s attention and popularise glass blowing as a field of fine arts. Blown Away Season 3 hasn’t been announced yet but it is imminent that the show will be renewed soon. 

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