Loki Episode 5 Review

Loki Episode 5 Review: Journey into Mystery (Spoiler Alert)

Loki Episode 5 Review: The story gets intense with all Lokis and Alioth 

Loki’s latest episode has set up a lot of hype which is fit for it. It takes off in the void where everyone who gets pruned falls into. The void is guarded by Alioth which consumes everything it touches. While on the other, Sylvie tries to enter the void. The episode is intense and here is our Loki Episode 5 Review.


The episode is a meeting of their minds. Many legends have happened in the world such as the Loki variants. They are Loki as well which got pruned by the TVA. It is said that the reason why the gods have stopped coming was because of the void. 

There is a place where all the pruned goes to end up and the only way out is either to leave this world or survive. Loki tries to prove that this world is not the only place that needs but the entire TVA needs to be taken down. This will come as an issue to Odin and Loki since it will mean war between the gods.

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Loki Episode 5 Review: The Void

Loki Episode 5 Review: The story gets intense with all Lokis and Alioth

The episode begins with Loki’s appearance in the void. There he meets several Loki variants. They include Classic Loki, Alligator Loki, and even the Loki who claimed to kill Thor. As usual, he is not told anything and the scene is being shot in the void. Alioth stands in front of him and the trailer ends on a cliffhanger. All of them try to move away from Alioth but Loki has some other plans. The plan is to kill Alioth by going into him which is senseless as claimed by Sylvie later. Meanwhile here is our Loki Episode 3 Review!

Sylvie starts with the attempt to enter the void which is guarded by Alioth. In our Loki episode 5 review, we must say that they have taken forward the relationship between Loki and Sylvie. It is very obvious that he is in love with her but the latter has always denied his advances. 

When he comes across her again, he senses a trigger and this is the reason why he brings her to the void. What lies ahead? The coming episode looks a tad bit dark. If we are to take Alioth’s attire at face value, it seems that the character might have sacrificed himself to keep them away from the void.

Sylvie and Alioth

Sylvie and Alioth were destined to be enemies. However, Alioth is easily irritated once he spots a new branch in the void. He is annoyed with Sylvie because she wanted to see the void but Alioth didn’t want to. The power play between the two results in Sylvie and Alioth getting marooned in the void. 

Alioth first tries to control Sylvie’s mind and then gets her to see the void. However, it turns out that the void can be entered by simply thinking about it. But if the protagonist also enters the void, a mirror version of them will get created. So, in our Loki Episode 5 Review, we claim that this episode was the show’s best and also the deepest episode so far. It went deep into the mind of the antagonist as well as the mind of the protagonist. 

Loki Episode 5 Spoilers 

Loki Episode 5 Review: The story gets intense with all Lokis and Alioth

Spoilers ahead into Loki Episode 5 Review. Meet and greet happens which further leads to a small messed up fight with all the Lokis. Here one of the Loki betrays the others which causes a fiasco. Later on, Sylvie met Mobius who gave him a ride away from Alioth. She wishes to see Loki. While on the way, Loki moves around with other variants where they see a car. Inside it, Mobius and Sylvie are present.

Later all of them come together into the plan. Sylvie vouches to enchant Alioth and destroy him. Loki has some different plans but looking her confident he agrees along with Mobius. Together all the Lokis and Sylvie do the enchantment. While on the other hand, Mobius returns to the TVA. 


Thus this episode sets a really good tone for the next one. You get to see someone full of rage who doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. Thus, this was our Loki Episode 5 Review.

The enchantment scene between Loki, Sylvie, and Alioth was a big eye-opener. The plot also takes you on a trip through space in the void.


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