Haiti President Jovenel Moise assassinated at home

Haiti President Jovenel Moise assassinated at home

Jovenel Moise assassinated

The Caribbean country is inflicted with chaos as Jovenel Moise assassinated at home. He was assassinated by a gunman. They allegedly wounded his wife as well. Jovenel Moise was ruling through decree. This was because of the pandemic conditions due to which the country failed to contest elections. However, this was not agreed upon by the opposition. The opposition assisted him to step down from his Presidentship in recent months.

Haiti President Jovenel Moise assassinated at home

The Caribbean country was already going through accelerated gang violence. It also included anti-government protests which were all topped by the surge in coronavirus infections.

Jovenel Moise assassinated at home by Gunmen

According to the interim Prime Minister, Claude Joseph “The killing is confirmed. The security in Haiti was in control of the military where there is a history of dictatorship. Politics upheaval have consolidated the rule.”

The reason for Jovenel Moise assassinated might mainly due to the fact that he was ruling by decree for more than a year. The authorities have further closed the international airport declaring “state of siege” After these series of unfortunate events, Mr. Joseph is going to lead Haiti. This might help change the nation where laws are erratically observed after Jovenel Moise was assassinated.

Jovenel Moise assassinated: The Aftermath

The best aftermath which could be done in the Caribbean would be to make the Prime Minister and the opposition party come together. Once they are together they can contest elections.

In the statement, Mr. Joseph said a number of the attackers spoke in Spanish. However, they didn’t offer any further explanation. Later, he said that they spoke languages like English and Spanish. Also, they were highly trained and heavily armed. Check out: Jeff Bezos Steps Down As CEO of Amazon

The U.S. Embassy in Haiti said it was not allowing U.S. staff to its compounds. They also mentioned that the embassy would be closed on Wednesday on account of an “ongoing security situation.’

Volatile Situation after Jovenel Moise assassinated

The social and political woes of Haiti have deepened in the recent past. It has induced the accelerated rise of gang violence. All of this has resulted in inflation. This further adds up to the prices of food and fuel. The rising inflation scares the citizens as 60% of the population here makes less than 2$ a day.

The situation has not recovered in Haiti as they faced an earthquake in 2010, followed by a massive hurricane in 2016. The oppositions of the government have alleged Moise of using them to increase his power. With the power, he induced a decree in the country. All of this limits the power of the court which is responsible to audit the government. Before Jovenel Moise was assassinated, he also created an Intelligence Agency. It only aims to answer the president and no one else.

The President faced huge objections in the latest months that turned fierce as opposition leaders and their followers forbidden his plans to hold a legitimate plebiscite. It was with proposals that would fortify the presidency.

In current months, opposition frontrunners demanded that he step down. They also debated that his term is legally terminated in February 2021. Moise and devotees upheld that his term began when he took office in early 2017, succeeding a disordered election that involutes the appointment of a provisional president.


Thus, without any proper investigation the who’s are unknown. However, we know the whys. This might be all the reasons for Haiti President Jovenel Moise assassinated at home. The current condition of the Caribbean country is unstable. It is going to need for the new leaders and the oppositions to come forward. Once they do, with proper co-operation and work they can change the life of their citizens and future prospects

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