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Simple One Electric Scooter announced which claims double of Ather’s range at less the price

Simple One Electric Scooter: New Entry to the EV Party!

Simple One Electric Scooter: On August 15, Simple Energy, a Bengaluru-based two-year-old start-up that makes electric vehicles (EVs), launched Simple One, an electric scooter priced at Rs 1.1 lakh.

Among the 13 states in which the Simple One will be offered are Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Delhi. Currently, the Simple One is priced (ex-showroom, without state subsidies) below that of the Ather 450, TVS iQube, and Ola Electric S1.

simple one electric

Simple One’s start-up claims that the scooter can reach a top speed of 105 km/hour depending on its tire type with a 236 km maximum ride range. Battery capacity is 4.8 kWh, and charging it to 80 percent takes less than three hours.

Simple One Electric Scooter Patents

It was reported that Simple Energy has patented a brake design and a motor chassis in-house. There are 12-inch wheels on both ends of the One, and the bike is equipped with a telescopic fork and a mono-shock for suspension. Electric scooters are almost all equipped with disc brakes for braking. Two tire specifications are available for the scooter. A 100/80-12 (front) and 110/80-12 (rear) tire is used on one variant, whereas a 90/90-12 rubber is used on the other. Electric scooters like the One have some of the lightest curb weights in their class, at 110kg.

Features of Simple One

Designed for ease of use, Simple One features four modes of operation: Eco, Ride, Dash, and Sonic. It is almost the same size as the Ola S1’s dashboard, which provides navigation, geo-fencing, an SOS alert system, and Bluetooth connectivity instructions.

simple one electric

On the Simple One, you can perform over-the-air updates, control music, call calls, locate fast chargers, perform preventive maintenance, find your bike, and track vehicles. The 110 kg scooter comes in four colors – Red, White, Black, and Blue – and has a boot capacity of 30 liters.

Founder Shreshth Mishra said during the launch event that Simple Energy always had in mind offering the longest charge range and its products should be long-lasting. 

Simple Energy plans to launch an electric bike in 13 states during the next few months after setting up a charging network. The company is working on setting up more than 300 charging stations throughout these states. 

Simple One electric Range 

simple one electric

With its 236 km range, the Simple One electric scooter is claimed to have the longest range among electric scooters in India. In eco mode, the range is 203 km, while in IDC mode it is 236 km. 

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Simple One Electric Color variants

A series of color variations have been released for the Simple One electric bike, including black, white, and red variations. To begin booking an electric scooter, customers must pay a deposit of Rs 1947. Electric vehicles can be ordered online and delivered to customers after paying the booking price. 

Simple One Electric Features & Top Speed

simple one electric

It is designed to reach top speeds between 98 and 105 kmph. Powered by a water- and dust-resistant 4.8 kWh battery, the bike can ride up to 15 miles. Powered by 27000 cells, the bike has long battery life. 2.9 seconds is all it takes for this bike to accelerate from 0-40 kmph. 

The newly launched two-wheeler supports Bluetooth 5.2 and has 4G connectivity. 30 liters of boot space are available on the bike.  

Pricing & Conclusion

A price of Rs 1,09,999 is being offered as the ex-showroom price for Simple One. The price of Simple One electric bikes will be further reduced when a number of states offer incentives for their purchase.  

Thus, this is everything we know about the Simple One Electric Scooter. The deliveries would begin in a couple of months. 15th August marked the entry of two new competitors into the EV Scooter Market which are Ola Electric and Simple One. 

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