The Beast Must Die Review: A Suspenseful Psychological Crime Drama

The Beast Must Die Review: A Suspenseful Psychological Crime Drama

The Beast Must Die is a murder mystery so good that you must grab your popcorns. Our Beast Must Die review balances harsh judgment with empathy. All of this makes it an apt approach for the divided times. The story involves the quest for avenging the son of a mother. It has been caused by a hit-and-run case that leads to the death of her 6-year-old kid. Here is The Beast Must Die Review of Season 1.

The Beast Must Die Review: Crime Drama at its best


One day, he is hit by a hit-and-run case. And that is when the parents’ love begins to be questioned. She has to discover the truth in the time of an escape bid.

The Beast Must Die opens with kids running down the road, yelling and screaming. This triggers a collection of events as various cops swarm the scene. What follows is a chase that consists of jaw-dropping events. The mother naturally wanting to protect her son from the men who have assaulted him. 

The Beast Must Die Review

The Beast Must Die Review

Season 1 Episode 1 If you had seen the promotional photos for The Beast Must Die, you would have guessed that we are heading for a thriller. And you’d be right. The actors’ performances are convincing and even the camera angles, with the occasional exception, are quite effective. Here is the trailer to have a glance at the top-notch performances.

The story then moves to the investigation and its twisty turns. In our The Beast Must Die Review, each scene here is very different from the other. Even though it appears as if the characters are all interacting in the same room, they are actually facing different problems. Nothing about The Beast Must Die is particularly original. This is a procedural drama but with an emphasis on how these events unravel a number of lives.

About The Beast Must Die Characters

The Beast Must Die follows the cast of Cush Jumbo, Jared Harris, Billy Howle, and Geraldine James as the main characters. The movie aims with the child’s mom aiming to hunt down and kill the man who did it to her child. The culprit is not punished, She decides to take revenge against the hit-and-run driver. 

The story unfolds into an action-packed suspense drama involving children, hit-and-run, wrongful conviction, and revenge. One of the most compelling and believable performances in The Beast Must Die is by Cush Jumbo we must say in our The Beast Must Die Review.

Season 2 Highlights: The Beast Must Die Review 

The second season of The Beast Must Die will have more episodes. “I miss the smell of cotton on his clothes,” she said, looking at a picture of her 7-year-old kid in tears. She tries to talk about the incident, but there is no need to. Don’t worry our  The Beast Must Die Review doesn’t include any spoilers. Check out: Black Widow Movie Review

We know the story of how a hit-and-run case caused the death of her child. It is something that has made her vulnerable as an accused, which further leads to the murder of her child. To make things even worse, her in-laws accused her of killing their own son.


The Beast Must Die is a beautifully written psychological crime thriller with a plot of a mother. She is absolutely out of her mind, so much so, that the culprit in the hit-and-run case is her own son. The writer has endowed this character with a twisted intelligence, and you cannot stop watching her every move. 

The two-dimensional characters that make up this crime thriller leave you irritated and it is so hard to like this. The motive is a little too lame, and so are the characters. Overall, the idea, execution, and plotting are slick. Thus, this was The Beast Must Die Review. Are you going to watch The Beast Must Die Season 1? The question is — what was the motive behind the hit-and-run incident that led to the death of the young boy? Is this really a hit-and-run case?

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