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The Woman in the Window Review: A Thriller That’s Actually Worth Watching



The Woman In The Window Review

The Woman in the Window Review: A Thriller Worth Watching

The Woman in the Window is a movie based on the same book name. This makes the movie a true story with obvious twists but lots of thrills. In the movie, Dr. Anna Fox has a look at something she should not while see was tapping Russell’s family. What happens next is going to be your sight. We’ve watched it and here is The Woman in the Window Review.

The Woman In The Window

The Woman in the Window Review

The Woman in the Window Movie has put up a lot of names for it being derived from it It’s a nice and slick screenplay that pulls you into the film. It looks at ordinary people, letting them work around what is set into place and how we behave with each other. 

The Woman in the Window Review from us quotes as “Star Performance A fast-paced thriller with decent performances.” The cast has an intense and good performance here. The female character is tough and cool and she looks every bit of that. The movie coupled with the pilot and performances is terrific to watch.

What Is The Woman in the Window About?

The movie begins with a group of people running outside. There’s a serial killer on the loose and Anna Fox is one of the victims. Amy Adams is diagnosed with mental illness and locked up. She begins to spy on the neighbors of her apartment which are the other lead characters in the story. Back to the story, the crime takes place in the apartment to which she is the witness. The Woman in the Window Review is going to involve around this plot keeping it spoiler-free.

The movie was expected to be released in 2019 by 20th Century Fox. However, there were some poor screening issues that weren’t fixed soon. The pandemic was the cherry on the cake for the delay. All of this lead to the release in 2021. 


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The Woman in the Window Review: The Good

The Woman In The Window Review

A lot of horror movies have a single reveal that’s the thing that makes them scary and The Woman in the Window does have that. What is much more interesting in the movie is the slow burn that makes the thriller into a terrifying show as well as for the Woman in the Window Review.

She keeps to herself and doesn’t socialize with the world. This movie had a lot going for it and also kept us invested for most of the movie. This is because it isn’t quite a horror movie but a thriller where the horror is very subtle. However, the horror creeps in only after a little bit.

What We Didn’t Like

The Film Now when I say The Woman in the Window Review is based on the book, the movie, The Woman in the Window, the novel had a ghostwriter of sorts. This is what makes the movie different from the novel. Instead of creating a suspense thriller with paranormal events taking place, the film is a mystery thriller, based on the same source material.  Check out: WhatsApp Privacy Policy

The film has some suspense thriller elements but it’s nowhere close to the book. The Woman in the Window is and it’s more or less a cinematic adaptation of the book. This movie gives you lots of thrills. If you enjoy thrillers, this movie would go well for you.



To sum up the Woman in the Window review, it isn’t a bad movie but it’s rather a good movie that requires one to watch before it gets screened at some big cinema chains. It is well done though. 

We’ve noticed that the film would be worth watching if the story had more focus. It is essentially an exploration of the terror. Overall The Woman in the Window is an extremely scary, but fun ride. Also, the twists are a lot of fun to see. Let’s hope more movies like this will come to theaters soon.

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