The White Lotus Review

The White Lotus Review: Television Comedy at its best

The White Lotus Review: Television Comedy at its best

The White Lotus is the latest 2021 Television Comedy Show. The movie is an extreme between rejuvenating and reinvigorate. The main character reinstills by spending time with his son. Here is The White Lotus Review from the perspective of the Spire News Team. It features a story of guests arriving at the White Lotus as the resort manager looks after it.

The White Lotus Review


The White Lotus was released on 11 July 2021. The White Lotus is a story of rejuvenation and reinvigoration in an Asian-themed retreat. The resort is headed by the aforementioned CEO and head of the company of the resort.

He is a great man for making people happy. Unfortunately, he has the bad habit of not making the customers satisfied by doing too much, and, he always turns to the same method of renovating the resort. Enough of background, let us get started with the White Lotus Review.

The White Lotus Review: TrailerThe White Lotus Review

To watch the trailer of The White Lotus Movie. The White Lotus is an ahead of its time futuristic 2021 television comedy, about the resort manager of the facility. The White Lotus really is a facility of both grace and indulgence, where robots, fine cuisine, and even children’s shows are provided to the customers. The White Lotus TV show has an IMDB rating of 7.2/10. It means that the show is great enough to consider if you are looking for ratings.

However, the series includes too long of VIP guests which led to the exploration of the side characters. The show is a quick and youthful production. It is high-energy, colorful, and vibrant. The show is set in a new resort town with a few vehicles and a couple of guard rovers. Apart from The White Lotus Review, we have also reviewed Black Widow. The production is decent if you have the time and the wallet then you would like it as a one-time watch. The show has a generous amount of activities and rides.

Character Intro and cast

The show opens with the set of the studio set up as an old/rustic cabin with a pool and foliage. It consists of 7 episodes that involve people pushing around resort staff. Later as they push, they whin about their low-key problems.

The cast includes Alexandra Daddario as Rachel, Sydney Sweeney (Olivia Mossbacher). Next up the cast includes Sydney Sweeney, Olivia Mossbacher, Connie Britton (Nicole), Jennifer Coolidge, Tanya McQuoid.

The good, the bad

According to us, the White Lotus Review is a good movie because it is funny, entertaining, and has lots of drama. The plot is easy to follow and nothing is that over the top. It was a surprise that The White Lotus has an extremely large cast of actors.

There is obvious that the movie’s main focus is the White Lotus Resort. So having a large cast of characters did not come as a surprise. For the most part, the actors are very talented. What I did like about her performance was the way she effortlessly portrayed a naive girl who goes on a whirlwind adventure.


From our perspective, the White Lotus Review is as follows: It is a good film, but it is not one for the older people in the audience. It is only intended to be watched if you are capable of being happy and amused. It is definitely great for a one-time watch along with a popcorn night. Have you watched any episodes of The White Lotus? If yes, did you like the plot it comes with, answer below in the comments.

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