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What if Episode 5 Review: MCU Zombie Infestation!



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What if Episode 5 Review: Fun yet wasted opportunity!

What if Episode 5 Review: The latest episode depicts Hank Pym going into the quantum realm to retrieve his ailing wife Janet van Dyne from infection, but instead finds her dead.

What if Episode 5 review of the animated series continues the MCU’s dark streak when Earth’s remaining superheroes confront their greatest threat yet, the zombies.

What If Episode 5 Review

Zombie villains are at the bottom of the list when it comes to easily prepackaged, morally ambiguous villainous behavior on screen, right up there with Nazis. Would you like to be one of the writers on Marvel’s What If Episode 5 Review…? There’s something a bit too easy about simply saying, “They’re all zombies,” to me. The idea is surprisingly good given the context. 

What if Episode 5 Review

What If Episode 5 Review

There aren’t generally many essentially Marvel films that fall into the horror category – or that they might even kind of consider family-friendly at all, kind of contrary to popular belief. This new transformation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes allows the film to definitely play with a variety of characters, and basically achieve things that a live-action show could never definitely get away with, very contrary to popular belief.

Bruce Banner is transported back to Earth in What if Episode 5 after the Hulk battles Thanos at the beginning of Infinity War. He is left to roam a deserted New York City alone instead of meeting Doctor Strange and Wong in the Sanctum Sanctorum. As in the movie, Hulk does not incorporate the power to change into the Hulk in order to fight members of the Black Order.


The Quantum Virus

So, in our What if Episode 5 Review, we would be discussing the Quantum VirusThe book’s events diverge dramatically from the mainline Marvel Cinematic Universe with Janet Van Dyne becoming infected with a virus while separated from the mainline during her three decades in the Quantum Realm. The disease was brought back to Earth when Hank Pym, her husband, went in to rescue her.

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There used to be undead heroes in comics, but now they’ve been resurrected after being infected by a disease. The Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman wrote an excellent miniseries entitled The Walking Dead in 2005 about how they wiped out most of the inhabitants of their world.

I do enjoy watching zombified versions of iconic heroes devour everything in their path. The film also inspired several sequels and spinoffs, so you’ll find a lot to devour if you enjoy the concept. 

The cure and the Titan

What If Episode 5 Review

Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Ant-Man use Spider-Man’s head to transmit the mind stone’s power to the world so it can cure the virus. 


In a dark twist, Thanos acquires the remaining Infinity Stones after contracting the virus. He is unwittingly gaining power through the heroes he’s bringing him.

Our Opinions 

Seeing the superpower zombies maintain their powers is great, and I’m glad that the zombies have their own point of view. It provides thrills from hero battles never seen before in the MCU. As a result, the episode’s pacing feels rushed, and there isn’t enough time for tension to build, which doesn’t match well with a zombie apocalypse movie.

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How would it be if? An animated film about some of the MCU’s underappreciated heroes which finally gets their time to shine proves to be an entertaining and lighthearted film. One of the game’s most interesting features is the superpowered zombie heroes, among which Wanda, Captain America, and Iron Man stand out. You feel grateful for the fact that the MCU’s most powerful characters are on the side of good, and it gives them a newfound level of respect (and horror). A too rapid pacing and a sudden ending, on the other hand, detracts from a satisfactory conclusion.



Thus, after watching and writing the What if Episode 5 Review, we feel that the concept or the idea was great. But, the execution was lacking somehow. There was creativity on how zombie infestation would start and the plot points but every point was just touched and emotions weren’t felt. 

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