Apple Announces New Emojis

Apple Announces New Emojis Including Vaccine, Coughing Face And More

The tech update will launch in spring and include 217 new Emojis. It also includes a lot of never-seen before additions and revamps of some old favorites. The new additions include a red heart broken with a bandage, a disorganized looking emoji with spiral eyes and a heart on fire.

All of these are reflective of the crazy time we are currently experiencing. Three new emojis from the spring update.

Apple Announces New Emojis

Credit: Apple.

Three new emojis from the spring update.

Also incoming is an emoji showing a person exhaling, which looks suspiciously similar to a cough to us. There’s also an emoji that has most of its face covered in mist or clouds. Apple will introduce male- and female-presenting Emojis with beards. Beards are now available for male and female present emojis. The variety of romantic emojis has increased.

(Credit to Apple).

The diversity of romantic emojis has increased

Apple Announces New Emojis

(Credit to Apple).

It was only a matter time! Apple also wants to promote safety with its update.

Apple’s new update puts safety first. The new update has helmets

(Credit to Apple).

The syringe’s design is less obvious

(Credit to Apple).

Apple also updated its headphone model to reflect the AirPods Max. The company confirmed that the new emojis would be available for preview later in the week and would land on phones during a spring software update. Apple has made inclusivity a key feature of its emoji updates in recent years.

Last year’s update included a hearing aid and guide dog, as well as cultural references such as a piƱata or a matryoshka doll.

Although Unicode is responsible for emojis rather than Apple, the brand still makes suggestions before each update, based upon public demand.

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Apple submitted a proposal to Unicode Consortium last year for more disability-themed Emoji. A new guide dog, an hearing aid-equipped ear, wheelchairs, prosthetic arms and legs will all be included in the emoji keyboard. Apple values celebrating diversity in all forms and these new options fill a large gap in the emoji keyboard.

There are many other emoji categories that have exciting updates. These include a smiley face to yawning, a one piece swimsuit, and new food items like butter, garlic, and waffles.

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