What if Episode 4 Review: Doctor Strange vs Doctor Strange!

What if Episode 4 Review: Doctor Strange vs Doctor Strange!

What if Episode 4: Dr. Strange Multiverse

What if Episode 4 Review: The fourth episode of the series is online. As soon as fans realized the story was Doctor Strange, they expected to see Captain Carter. However, he does not appear first. Rather than that, we are provided a romantic tragedy that pits Stephen’s two incarnations against each other to save a loved one. Here is our What if Episode 4 Review.

What if Episode 4 Review

Strange’s arrogance takes him on a cosmic ride with world-ending consequences. The episode also marks the second time that one of the heroes appears to have turned to the dark side. Even if it doesn’t mean anything, we still think it’s important to note. Let us get started with What if Episode 4 Review!

Getting past Christine’s multiple murders is the key to this game’s cosmic fun. The magic in Strange is very engaging since he takes on the powers of numerous mythical creatures.

What if Episode 4 Review

What If Episode 4 Review: Dr Strange Supreme

As Strange tries to save Christine, he keeps going back in time. Even if he changes his actions or does something else different, she still dies. Christine’s death is referred to by the Ancient One as an Absolute Point after many unsuccessful attempts to save her using the Eye of Agamotto. The clock cannot be turned back or the events stopped without disrupting the timeline. In his insistence that Strange will not be stopped, he begins to search for the library of Cagliostro. 

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After the battles, the Ancient One – an important Marvel magic character readers will recognize – Strange ends up finding Bengh in the library. The tentacles from What If episode 4 review, also appear, as does Shuma-Gorath. The first episode. In order to bring back Christine, Strange claims he plans to harness the evil creature’s power. 

Strange begins by capturing seemingly insignificant creatures, then soon he is absorbing the dark magical abilities of creatures after creatures before returning to the tentacled capture he made earlier. He doesn’t take it well, as you might imagine. O’Bengh dies as a result of Strange’s possession, and we discover there are two Stephen Stranges in this universe. 

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The Plot

What if Episode 4 Review

Doctor Strange split into two, creating one who pursued the occult to kind of save Christine and one who literally went to the Sanctum Sanctorum to chill with Wong, which mostly is quite significant. There essentially is no doubt that this literally was a fateful decision that particularly sent the chill Strange head-on with the evil Shuma-Strange, who particularly is called Strange Supreme by the subtitles in a subtle way.

Strange Supreme convinces Strange that he and Christine can work together to bring Christine back, but a showdown ensues between the two. While Strange Supreme goes to war with Doctor Strange, he eventually succumbs to Strange Supreme’s power, sucking the anti-benevolence half out and using it to bring back Christine. 


What if Episode 4 Review: The lost purpose

In Bryan Andrews’ film, magical creatures and settings come to life as he plumbs the depths of the world of magic. Strange’s appearance begins to change as he slips deeper and deeper into darkness. 

Skin that looks paler and clammy develops, eyes that glow red, and the Sorcerer Supreme garments resemble something worn by Dracula. Two different versions of Strange, fighting each other with different spells, even using their capes, have a lot of visual flair as well. Thus, this was our What if Episode 4 Review!

Can you imagine what might happen if…? As the episode progresses, Doctor Strange’s darker impulses are exhibited, demonstrating what would happen if he gave in to them. In the future, we’ll see if the episodes get that dark, but the ending definitely made me think. A number of stories continue to revolve around Doctor Strange despite his involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home and his upcoming sequel.

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