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Ragnarok Season 2 Review: This is where it all began!



Ragnarok Season 2 Review: This is where it all began!

Ragnarok Season 2 Review

Ragnarok is a Netflix special TV Series. It is a Norwegian fantasy drama that focuses on Norse mythology. The story takes place in a fictional Norwegian town called Edda in Hordaland. Season 2 is out which includes the sequel to it. We have watched it and here’s our Ragnarok Season 2 Review. 

Ragnarok Season 2 Review: This is where it all began!

The town of Edda is facing climate change due to industrial pollution which in turn is caused by the factories of the Jutul family. Next up they are faced and opposed by Magne. He is a teen boy who is surprised to learn about the en queue of Thor. In opposition to this, he fights the ones who are about to destroy the planet. 

The first season came out in January 2020. The second season was released recently in May 2021. SAM Productions which is a Danish company has produced this series. The season of Ragnarok includes 12 episodes.

The Cast 

As we write the Ragnarok Season 2 Review, the majority of the cast has been the same. There are no changes in any of the characters. The series includes David Stakston as Magne Seier. He is the reincarnation of the God of Thunder aka Thor. Next up, Jonas is cast as Luritis Seier as the half-brother. Check out: The A-List Season 2 Review


Other cast members include Herman, Theresa Frosta as Saxa, Emma Bones as Gry. Vidar is played by Gisela. The show also includes a few other minor characters for several roles. 

Ragnarok Season 2 Review

The show is a bit of a superior attempt that benefits the audience. It is indeed based on the conflict which was already established in Season 1. Later, both teams became exposed and vulnerable. They lead to using the weapons which include special weapons as well. Those are something that is used by Gods. Later on in the series, new allies are created.

Ragnarok Season 2 packs in a lot of superpower action as the episodes pass by. To put it towards Ragnarok Season 2 Review, “ The show is packed with thrilling superpower action.” Also, the show feels pulled down by the fondness and love triangle scene used in some scenes. Don’t get us wrong, the show is really great. 

Even the romantic scenes are good for a chance during the course of the entire season. However, if you are someone who is watching it just for action then you might be disappointed. The character of Magne has really been played very well. Even the audience has received the show very well and liked it. On IMDB, the show managed to get a rating of 7+ which is a respectable score.

Overall Story 

The story of season 2 moves at a decent pace for anyone to watch. It is neither too fast or too slow throughout the 12 episodes. They definitely did a lot with the storyline. At the same time, the entire set of characters have kept the audience entertained. 


Watch Ragnorok Season 2 Review

Considering the small budget, the entire show has turned out to be a great win. There is no silly drama or romance in the show to burn the plot. It is there only at places where it is needed. After watching other similar shows, one can find the pacing to be slow. 


Thus, this was our Ragnarok Season 2 Review. It is a must-watch if you are a fan of superhero action coupled with thrillers at the queue. It actually questions the integrity of characters. With the ending of Season 2, it looks like Season 3 is inevitable. 

Have you watched Season 2? Let us know about your Ragnarok Season 2 Review. For us, it is definitely a broader mythical show. The latest outing of Season 3 is awaited. 

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