Vivo patents detachable flying camera on smartphone

Flying Camera on Smartphone patented by Vivo

Several reports have put forth that Vivo has filed a patent for a detachable flying camera on the smartphone. It does sound futuristic as well. The flying camera on smartphones features the capability to detach itself from the phone and then fly in the air. All of this ultimately allows the users to take photos in a creative way analogous to using drones. However, with limited experience. Let us know more about Vivo’s patent.

Patent Design

Vivo patents detachable flying camera on smartphone

The patent from Vivo was first spotted and reported by LetsGoDigital. In the sketch, as shown, there is a small compartment on the smartphone on its edge. The camera can simply slide in and out of the same compartment to fly. 

The design sketch of a flying camera on the smartphone also has four propellers. With the help of this, it takes off in the air. All of this also packs in a battery and double camera system. One of the cameras takes the top shots while the other captures the aerial view. Check out: Fi Money: Best Neo Bank

The patent also displays and shows that the camera mounts on the bracket, allowing it to move in and out to detach and reattach to the smartphone. 

The smartphone industry is always filled with a lot of crazy developing tech. Be it from notches to invisible cameras or foldable, it has taken huge strides. These innovations are done only by the pioneer companies who can invest in crazy amounts of R&D. You know who they are! Samsung, LG, Oppo, and some other Chinese OEMs. 

Tech behind Flying Camera on Smartphone

Vivo patents detachable flying camera on smartphone

The camera module of the flying camera on the smartphone also features several multiple infrared sensors which help in avoiding a collision. They calculate the distance between the objects in real-time to avoid any obstacles during the flight.  

The patent also notes that more cameras like the third and fourth ones can be added for increased functionality. Along with the phone, they can also provide air-gesture support as well.

The main reason for Vivo to patent it is for copyright problems. Developing technology like this is definitely going to take a long haul of time. In the meantime, there are chances that someone else can simply steal their main idea. No one even knows if this idea would even take off in the real world. But the patent serves as a protection. 

Opinions on Vivo’s Patent

Well, the most important thing one must note is that the images and everything you’ve heard about is a prototype concept. It is not going to enter the markets for sure. Considering the practicality the changes are less, unlike foldable smartphones. But just for being dope cool tech, it definitely is! 

The BBK group, especially Vivo, is known for its cutting edge R&D. In the past, they brought up VOOC charge along with Oppo, pop-up cameras, and other great innovations to the entire market. They have had their set of fallbacks too, but some were neat such as the fast charging. Just a year or more ago, Vivo had unveiled Vivo Apex which was bezel-less, unlike the flying camera on smartphones.


Now with the advent of such flying cameras on a smartphone, the industry has leaped further. But what a normal person needs to think about is its practical usage. What would one actually use this for? Does it solve an existing problem in the first case or simply create a new problem in the name of a gimmick? 

Well, this is what Vivo has come forth with within terms of smartphone bleeding edge technology. What do you think about this innovation from Vivo? Do let us know in the comments below about your opinions on bleeding tech.


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