Shetland Season 7

Shetland Season 7 – Plot, Recap, Cast, Release Date, And Other Exciting News That You Need To Know!

Shetland Season 7 is a highly awaited British crime drama series and the show’s fandom cannot wait any longer for the new installment to their favorite thrilling series. Shetland is based on the novels of Ann Cleeves and it is developed by ITV Studios and it was first telecasted on BBC One and BBC Scotland.

Shetland Season 7
Shetland Season 7

Shetland is set in the backdrops of the Scottish islands of the same name as the tv series. Shetland is a critically acclaimed show which has got viewership ratings in millions throughout the span of its six seasons and the seventh season of Shetland is also expected to get similar response from both the critics and viewers around the globe.

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Shetland Recap : What Has Happened So Far?

Shetland has so far released six seasons and a total of 32 episodes of approximately 50 minutes each. Shetland Season 1 had 2 episodes while the other 5 seasons had 6 episodes each.

Shetland first aired on 10th March 2013  and the sixth season aired its finale on 24th November 2021. Shetland has been developed from the book series written by author Ann Cleeves. The fans of the book had nothing but praise for the television adaptation of the book series.

Shetland Season 7
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Shetland Season 1 had two episodes which were adapted from the book Red bones of the Shetland series. Shetland season 1 and 2 were the only seasons of the show that were adapted directly from the books of Ann Cleeves. The other seasons had the characters and same setting but the writing for the story of the following seasons was original and done by the show’s writers.

The show is centered around Jimmy Perez who is a detective inspector working under the Scottish Police. Jimmy and his team of investigators solve the crimes in the small island community of Shetland. This thrilling series is a binge-worthy crime drama series which also has the elements of murder mystery.

Shetland Season 1 focuses on solving the mystery behind the murder of an elderly woman in Shetland, named Mima Wilson. Shetland Season 2 is based on 3 books by Ann Cleeve namely Raven Black, Dead Water and Blue Lightning. The series transitions from a mini series of two episodes per season to six episodes per season from Season 2 onwards.

Shetland Season 7
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Shetland Season 2 had two episodes for each of the aforementioned book parts, the three books were covered through a course of 6 episodes. Raven Black part 1 and 2 followed the murder of a seven year old girl, Dead Water part 1 and 2 uncovered the death of a journalist named Jerry and his friend John. Blue Lightning part 1 and 2 are the final episodes for the second season, in these episodes we see the mystery behind the murders of a scientist.

From Shetland Season 3 onwards, Shetland no longer adapted from the book series of Ann Cleeve, these seasons had original plot and storylines which were written by the show’s writers. Instead of following the crime related to multiple people like the preceding seasons, Shetland Season 3 focused on the case of a missing young man which leads to the homicide of two people in the Shetland isles.

Shetland Season 7
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Shetland Season 4 is focused around the return of a convict to Shetland after serving 23 years of jail time. Real crime occurs when his return coincides with the murder of a journalist in the isles. This season introduced many new original characters into the lore of the series.

Shetland Season 5 takes a dark turn when human body parts wash up against the Shetland beaches. The body parts get identified but this only leads to darker crimes. This unusual case becomes connected to human trafficking which gets discovered by DI Jimmy and his team. 

Shetland Season 6 follows the death of Alex who has been shot dead in broad daylight. This season ends with a lot of cliffhangers, Jimmy gets arrested,Tosh is pregnant but this season only ends after revealing the culprits behind the murders that took place in this season.

Shetland Season 7 is highly awaited because it will reveal the fate of Tosh and Jimmy. We are also anticipating more thrilling crime mysteries to get uncovered by our favorite duo in the seventh season.

Shetland Season 7 Release Date

Season 6 of the BBC One, scottish crime drama series Shetland aired on November 9th 2021 and had 6 episodes with a weekly release until 14th December. Soon after the conclusion of the 6th season it was announced that the show would be renewed for a 7th season which got the fans excited since the season had a thrilling finale with a cliffhanger ending which left the fans wanting more.

The show is touted as one of the most popular crime drama shows currently running on British Television. The accolades it has received including the BAFTA justifies fans demanding a new season and BBC haven’t disappointed the fans. With the official announcement from BBC that the show will be returning for a seventh season, the speculation on whether or not the show would get canceled was put to an end. Reports confirm that filming of Shetland Season 7 has already begun. Reports suggest that the crew is in Glasgow to film the new season, after wrapping filming in Shetland. 

Since the show is already in production, the release can be anticipated soon. Considering the fact that season 5 and season 6 had a short gap between them despite the latter being delayed by the global pandemic, it is believed that Shetland season 7 will be aired within a few months. The seventh season of Shetland will premiere during the fall of 2022, so the trailer will likely be released soon.

Shetland Season 7 Expected Plot  

What makes Shetland a unique show and a fan favorite is that the show has constantly evolved and improved with each season. It started off as a thriller drama about detectives but as the series progressed, the characters developed and the story became intricate. In retrospect, Jimmy Pérez’s arrest at the end of the previous season was certainly not something that viewers anticipated.

After the protagonist has been imprisoned, it would be fascinating to see where the story goes from here. As the sixth season of Shetland progressed, Jimmy faced several challenges, including the dementia of his father and the unsolved murder of Neil Galbraith. Moreover, Donna Killick, a convicted murderer, has returned to Shetland.

Shetland Season 7
Shetland Season 7 Plot

Are there any other characters who could potentially fill his shoes? Did Donna’s plan to bring the Shetland detectives to justice encompass all of this? The new season might have answers to all these questions.

Another important factor that will dictate the plot of the coming season is the small size of the team with both Duncan and Pérez currently in prison. During the season six finale, it was revealed that Tosh was pregnant. What remains to be seen is how the writers will approach the remaining episodes of this season. The show’s direction is rumored to change, or another team member will come on board.  Shetland Season 7 will investigate what happened after the Season 6 finale. Accordingly, Jimmy will have to prove his innocence in the coming season.

Shetland Season 7 Cast

The show’s main cast will appear in this season, with Douglas Henshall playing Detective Jimmy Perez and Alison “Tosh” MacIntosh as his second in command, played by Alison O’Donnell. Steve Robertson will reprise his role of Sandy Wilson with Mark Bonnar returning as Duncan Hunter. DI Jimmy Perez’s step daughter and Hunter’s biological daughter, Cassie Perez will be played by Erin Armstrong. 

Shetland Season 7
Image Courtesy: BBC

Lewis Howden will return in the new season to play his role of Billy McCabe. Anne Kidd will be reprising her role as Dr. Cora MClean, the unofficial crime scene investigator of the Shetland Police. The convicted murderer, Donna Killick, who is plotting to bring down Perez’s team will be portrayed by Fiona Bell.

Where To Watch Shetland?  

Shetland is originally produced to air on BBC One. The show can be streamed on BBC and ITV’s  streaming service brit box. The show is also available to stream on The Roku Channel. Shetland Season 7 will be released on there.


The Scottish crime thriller is a fan favorite for its engaging storyline and exciting characters. The premise of the show is unique with the intricate motives of every character being laid down for us to figure out.

It comes as no surprise that the show is being renewed for a seventh season owing to its immense popularity. Shetland Season 7 is most likely to premier before the end of the year 2022 and fans are eagerly waiting for the release. 

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