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Protest In South Africa After Former President Zuma Jailed



Protest In South Africa After Former President Zuma Jailed

Former President Zuma jailed leading to Protest in South Africa

The former President of South Africa Zuma is jailed because of evading corruption-related inquiries. It has been the fifth day of protest in South Africa. And still, the people have been protesting and rioting in South Africa. All of this has resulted in several communities shutting down. Several people have been killed. The condition is amplified as the country faces the third wave of Covid-19. 

The police tried to undertake the control on their ends. However, they are ultimately getting outnumbered by the looters. According to some reports, police are using bullets made from rubber and tear gas in order to curb the crowd. It has been observed that the protestors are blocking roads. This is by far the largest protest in South Africa one has witnessed. Check out: Loki Episode 6 Review

Protest in South Africa

At least 6 people died in Johannesburg. It is the most densely populated area of Gauteng. It includes the count of 6 according to the officials. The protest in South Africa resulted in a spree of criminal theft and rallies. The majority of these took place in the above two regions which are mentioned. It is also reported that these incidents did not spread to other areas of the regions in South Africa. 

South Africa is also tackling the deadly third wave of Covid-19. Even after being all of this, the protest in South Africa has no stopping. The Constitutional court of South Africa imprisoned Zuma last month. He was imprisoned as he was found guilty of corruption during an inquiry, Zuma was provided a 15-month jail sentence as the law enforcement won over it. 

However, all of this resulted in Zuma attacking the courts. He also brought up an uprising against the enforcement judges. The president has alleged and denied the charges on him. He has also appealed to the court for review. All of this has resulted in protests in South Africa against the African Congress Party who is currently ruling.


The Start & the effects

Several protestors are out with sticks in their hands. Some of them are also using golf sticks as well. The protests in South Africa have led to the stoppage of vaccination drives. According to the officials and chemist, the vaccination drive centers were completely destroyed and dismantled in the process. 

The third wave of Covid-19 is already ruling in the parts of South Africa. With all such people coming together for the protest in South Africa, it is going to be even more dangerous. The officials including the police officials have tried to control the situation but they had no success. 

Protests Regions & Covid-19 Causalities

The only good thing about this is that the protest is going on only in some regions. At all other places, there are no such wild rallies which make it a good sign. The police are trying to find new ways in order to control the protest in South Africa.

Here is a recent tweet as shown below. According to CBS News, “Nothing is seeming to deter them.” The protest in South Africa is still going on for the last 5 days which is a thing to be worried about.  Several deaths have occurred due to the chaotic stampedes. 

Current Situation 


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The country’s highest court aka The constitutional court has agreed to listen to Zuma’s reconsideration. The application took place on Monday. Zuma and his lawyer gave forth their arguments and statements. The entire testimony lasted for 10 hours straight. The court also pointed out that they made some errors by making the decision of sending Zuma to the court. As known, this resulted in protest in South Africa. 

Now, the court has announced that they would study the entire case once again. Once done, they will announce their decision at a later date. 


Thus, this is everything you need to know about the protest in South Africa. The people and Zuma are waiting for the decision of the court. Soon within a couple of days, the picture would be cleared. 

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