Homeless Artist Richard gets viral with the help of NGO and his talent

Homeless Artist Richard gets viral with the help of NGO and his talent

Richard Hutchins had quit his passion for painting and went on and became homeless Artist Richard. It was caused by unfortunate events after his art studio burned down. This left him homeless and wanting help. The thing about time is that it is not predictable. Soon after his dreams were caught just like a dream catcher. The homeless artist Richard got back into business with the help of an NGO.

It was all because of Charlie Rocket that the homeless Artist Richard became Artist Richard once again attaining all his respect back. Well, to begin with, Charlie Rocket was a manager who turned into Nike Model. He had also won Grammy Award. Later on in his life, Charlie was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 29. 

The story behind Homeless artist Richard

homeless artist Richard

This began the turning point of his life. Turning to NGO, Charlie discovered Richard in nearby driveway areas. Richard was an extraordinary, uber-talented artist who used to work with Muhammad Ali, Richard Pryor, and Marvin Gaye, and all others. Things were going great for Richard. But, there was a series of unfortunate events. His studio in which he used to work caught fire which led him to lose his all paintings and equipment. It wasn’t possible for him to get everything back which rendered him helpless. 

Richard Hutchins had been down on his luck for years but fasted forward to last week when he was lauded as he strolled into his own gallery featuring his work on the Sofitel. Around 500 people attended it. It also included people like Damon Dash. 

Hutchin’s Gallery

After Charlie understood homeless artist Richard and his artistic skill, he helped to start out with Richard’s art website. This website was made with the aim to sell prints and help him get started. Hutchins is berating such a lot so, his artwork has hit the crypto world. His NFT has dropped and will potentially be the primary homeless man turned millionaire. Meanwhile, here are the best loan apps for students in India.

Hutchins is off of “Skid Row” and currently hosting his own gallery show/auction at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills. It was after meeting rapper 2 Chainz’s former manager Charlie Rocket. The prospect meeting was while he was sitting on a handcart that changed his fate and made him famous.

How Charlie with NGO helped Richard Hutchins 

The homeless artist Richard Hutchins met Charlie during a grocery parking zone on Easter Sunday. The 2 hits of those had a conversation that worked out amazingly in Hutchins’ favor. While speaking with TMZ Live, Rocket recalled how he fell crazy with Hutchins’s energy after he jokingly asked to drive his car. The 2 ended up talking at length, and Hutchins told the industry professional how he wont to be a world-renowned artist creating pieces for celebrities like Muhammad Ali, Richard Pryor, and Marvin Gaye before he fell on adversity.

“He started showing his art. It was that which inspired the team to make Richard’s dream come true. He had a pretty simple dream, ‘I just want people to be inspired by my work,’” Rocket shared.

Hutchin’s Digital Website


On his website which was created recently, Hutchins describes himself as a “homeless artist” with a dream “to make people happy with his art every single day.” He dreams of his art being hanged on the walls of the museum. It is something he wants to see himself. 

Now it’s on display at his own gallery/auction. And that has brought in the likes of Damon Dash and sold pricey pieces to 2 Chainz, Steve Harvey, and his newest patron Oprah Winfrey.

“It’s my pleasure to satisfy you,” Winfrey told Hutchins after surprising him with a visit, as captured News channels. “I saw a number of your beautiful art, and that I said, ‘Well, I even have to urge one among those paintings.’ Actually, I feel you’re not charging enough money,” they said.

Future plans of the homeless artist Richard

Hutchins revealed how he’s already remodeled $200K and has plans of going back to slum to assist the community he lived in not too way back. He has also been offered a movie role playing none aside from a gallery director who gets to possess his real-life work on display within the film.

Hutchins gained viral fame after Rocket created a digital studio for him, and his story caught the eye of celebrities who were impressed by both his talent and his perseverance. After opening his online studio, the homeless artist Richard managed to sell over $50,000 worth of arts and painting in a single day.

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