Greg Abbott bans mandatory vaccine mandates for COVID-19 in Texas

Greg Abbott bans mandatory vaccine mandates for COVID-19 in Texas

Texas & Covid-19 Vaccinations

Texas: In a Monday executive order, Gov. Greg Abbott prohibited private companies from imposing COVID-19 vaccination mandates on their employees and requested state lawmakers pass similar legislation.

As part of its authority to issue rules, the Biden administration will require employers who employ 100 or more to administer vaccinations and to test their workers weekly for Coronavirus. A number of major companies have said they will comply with the federal mandate, including American Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

Texas & Covid-19 Vaccinations

Unless a person has received the COVID-19 vaccine prior to the order date, no entity has the right to force that individual to receive it based on conscience, religious belief, or medical concerns, such as previously recovering from COVID-19.

He noted that vaccination must be voluntary for Texans, as he had previously been vaccinated and also later tested positive for COVID-19.

Covid-19 Vaccine Ban

There have been fewer newly reported cases and hospitalizations of COVID-19 in Texas recently. A recent surge in deaths due to the delta variant has resulted in an increase in the death toll in the state rapidly approaching 67,000.

During the actually special session, Governor Abbott particularly added the issue to the agenda for lawmakers in a subtle way. He called for new restrictions facing transgender student-athletes and redrawing voting maps, which kind of is fairly significant. Several states mostly have explicitly stated that schools cannot mandate vaccinations, including Montana which passed a law preventing employers from requiring workers to generally get vaccines, or so they particularly thought.

Texas & Covid-19 Vaccinations

Up until now, Abbott had allowed private companies to set their own working rules, but banning vaccine mandates by state and local governments was new. In the immediate aftermath of Abbott’s executive order, it wasn’t clear whether it would face a swift legal challenge.

Texas Government Law

Texas & Covid-19 Vaccinations

As part of an initiative to counter AT&T’s contributions to Texas Republicans, two groups have begun airing television and digital ads to highlight the company’s support. In Florida, a similar abortion proposal is on the table. There are plans to expand the campaign there as well.

One of the most populous states particularly has the most stringent abortion laws in the nation, as well as the conservative-majority U.S, which for the most part is fairly significant. supreme court and Republican legislators working to definitely get their states on board in an actual major way. This issue generally is a source of frustration for Democrats and their allies.

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We are living in a moment where a middle ground is not possible. Founder and chair of American Bridge 21st Century, Cecile Richards, former president of Planned Parenthood, says leadership is not the only solution to this problem according to him.

Texas’s new abortion law significantly reduced the number of abortions and forced clinics to turn away hundreds of women. The effect has been for patients to travel to other states to seek the procedure, creating backlogs.


The new order by Abbott has political ramifications as well. Former state senator Don Huffines and former Florida congressman Allen West will oppose Abbott’s COVID-19 policy during his second term, denouncing his policies on vaccine mandates and COVID-19.

‘He knows which way the wind is blowing. Bush is tired of being a failed leader and he is tired of vaccine mandates,’ Huffines tweeted. Thus this sums up everything we know about Covid-19 vaccination in Texas.

COVID-19 was recently detected in the West. Even after his hospitalization, he continued to oppose vaccine mandates in Twitter posts. Eventually, West did return home and published a statement on Monday.

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