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Where to watch the DC animated Injustice movie online?



Injustice animated

‘The DC animated Injustice movie’, an animated movie, is based on the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us’ as well as the comic book of that name. It features popular DC Comics heroes. Matt Peters directs the film. It takes place in an alternate world where Superman is a zealot following the death of Lois Lane, his lover.

Batman rallies together the remaining heroes, and villains to overthrow Superman’s rule. The movie is sure to entertain fans of violent, gritty superhero movies. You can stream it online.

Injustice animated

The Justice League was split up, with different heroes taking sides during the conflict. Although it was absurd even by comic book standards, it was very popular.

This first game inspired Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs Superman (2016), which was a hugely successful series of comic books, mobile games, and a sequel videogame on consoles. The DC animation machine has now adapted the storyline into a movie, which will be available on VOD starting October 18, 2021.

Justin Hartley plays Superman, Anson Mont as Batman, and Gillian Jacobs is Harley Quinn. Kevin Pollak plays the Joker.


What is Injustice Movie Story Line?

In “Injustice,” Joker tricks Superman to kill Lois Lane and then destroys Metropolis. Superman is devastated by the death of his unborn child, his wife, and the destruction of their home. He vows to never let such a tragedy happen again. But his grief renders him vulnerable and he is driven to revenge on the Joker. Superman adopts a radical approach in crime-fighting and takes over the entire planet. Superman’s trusted allies, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow join forces to take down Superman’s government.

Netflix: Is Injustice movie available?

Netflix does not have the Injustice movie. Instead, the Netflix streaming service offers ‘How I Became a Superhero‘, which tells the story of a detective and a cop who work together to uncover a deadly conspiracy that threatens the super-powered population.

Is Injustice movie on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime’s basic subscription package does not include ‘Injustice movie. The title will be available on-demand starting October 19. Pre-order the movie by clicking here. You can also stream “The Phantom”, a story about a vigilante who fights against criminal geniuses, from the service.

Is the Injustice movie on Hulu?

Hulu doesn’t offer ‘Injustice’ as part of its diverse entertainment offerings. You can also stream ‘Watchmen,’ which follows a group of retired superheroes as they reunite after the passing of one of their comrades.

Is Injustice on Disney+?

Disney+ is not able to stream ‘Injustice’. We recommend “Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors” for fans of Marvel Comics superheroes. This series follows a group of young heroes as they defend the Earth from a deadly threat.


Is the Injustice movie available on HBO Max?

The HBO Max content collection does not include ‘Injustice’. However, in the near future, it will be available to HBO Max subscribers. You can also check out “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” (Ultimate Edition), a film that draws inspiration from the video game.

Watch Injustice movie Online:

“Injustice” will be released digitally and at home on October 19, 2021. The movie will be available for purchase on Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play. You can also rent the film on these same platforms. A Blu-ray copy can be purchased here.

Will Injustice appear on a streaming platform?

Sorry, no. Injustice can be downloaded straight to digital or on Blu-Ray. You can get it as part of the 4K Ultra HD Bluray Combo Package for $39.99. A Blu-ray copy is $22.99 and a digital Prime Video copy is $19.99.

Animated Injustice Official Trailer

How to watch Injustice for Free?

You will need to either order it on-demand online or purchase a Blu-ray copy when it’s released. It is currently not possible to view the movie free of charge. Our readers are encouraged to pay for entertainment and to avoid illegal means.

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