Blue Origin & Jeff Bezos: Video shows crew performing somersaults in Space

Jeff Bezos Space Exploration using Blue Origin New Shephard Spacecraft.

Jeff Bezos shared a video including him and the crew members floating in space. They went into space using Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft. It went along the suborbital flight in the 93 seconds video clip. For the first time in history, a human spaceflight touched the ground after 10 minutes of flight. Blue Origin as a commercial company launched a privately funded spacecraft.

The Exploration of Space

Blue Origin & Jeff Bezos: Video shows crew performing somersaults in Space

Jeff Bezos shared the timeline of the development of Blue Origin a long back. The United States leads and adopts the Commercial Space Launch Act 2008: Commercial crew project — NASA is looking to develop an improved version of Space Shuttle to transport astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos

In the same video, Jeff Bezos mentioned how he explored space along with his brother and crew members. The video shows them performing somersaults in space and having fun inside the New Shepard spacecraft. After the flight, he told the reporters that he was amazed by the beauty of the earth.

Blue Origin has launched and landed its New Shepard space vehicle five times without any major problems so far. The New Shepard launch vehicle is built for vertical take-off and landing and uses a series of parachutes to decelerate and land. Its maiden flight lasted just over 10 minutes. Check out: Fi Money: Best Neo Bank Account

Later, in his speech, he also thanked all the customers of Amazon because of whom he was able to travel in Space. This sentence from his speech has received a lot of backlash from people. Even if he did mean it in a good way, it doesn’t sound as good as it should.

The New Shepard Spacecraft


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Blue Origin’s New Shepard is an unmanned and suborbital reusable space capsule that has the capacity of carrying up to six passengers. It has been a remarkable success in developing a reusable capsule that can take its place back from space and land back on Earth. 

It has already completed successful test flights of the New Shepard in November 2015 and in April 2016. On its maiden voyage, it went up to an altitude of 351,846 feet (106 kilometers) and then came back to Earth after a maximum flight duration of 10 minutes and 24 seconds. Today, the company is also in a race with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to be the first company to send astronauts into space for the full duration of the suborbital flight in the United States.

Blue Origin’s Impact on the Future of Space Travel

Blue Origin & Jeff Bezos

It was an incredible moment in history when Jeff Bezos and his team went to space by a personal rocket. With the successful launch of the rocket and the recent launch of the Crew Capsule, it seemed as if they were working for the future. It seems like Jeff Bezos and his team are working toward a future where millions of people can live and explore the Universe. 

It makes sense that if Jeff Bezos is so persistent about reaching space, his team would do that even in a less expensive manner. He wanted to make a future for the people to live and travel in space; the people won’t have to stay on the Earth anymore. According to many space experts, Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin are working on the future of space exploration.

What is Suborbital Flight?

Suborbital Flight is the shortest kind of space flight that uses rockets to reach orbit. The last time humans made a short flight in space was Apollo. While reaching orbit, the rockets used to be much more powerful. The rocket that was fired from the control pad was just the size of a single bedroom. 

The Soyuz rocket was the only one that could reach orbit. With these advancements, space enthusiasts are dreaming to be in space within the next few years. But, it’s not a reality. For the long-term goal, humans are planning to visit space through the Orion spacecraft. The spacecraft is expected to be in use in the next 30 years. Also, the Russian Roscosmos is testing their missions to the Moon. And, many people have doubts if the project can reach its goals.


Although the reasons for Earth’s impending doom are different from person to person, it seems clear that we need to invest our energy into making the planet habitable and be able to sustain life on it. Human spaceflight is a great solution and underutilized resources like helium 3 should be explored. 

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