Fall in love with these 5 well preserved Roman Buildings

Fall in love with these 5 well preserved Roman Buildings

5 Well Preserved Roman Buildings

Well, what started as a little city-state in Italy ultimately conquering the whole Mediterranean Peninsula. Then it did into the whole of western Europe. With such vast landmasses, they are often are graced with architectural marvels around the empire. Though many of Rome’s monuments have deteriorated or are lost to time. Thanks to wars or natural calamities, there do exist a couple of semi-pristine conditions. Here’s a collection of 5 well-preserved Roman Buildings.

The Maison Carree

This is an ancient Roman temple located towards the south of France inside a city called Naim. The structure is nearly 2000 years old which was dedicated to the grandsons of Augustus. They died young shortly after its construction in 2 AD. The building has found use as a temple, then as a residence, and more recently transformed into an art museum. The building is 28m long and 14m wide. It is indeed a real marvel of ancient architecture which makes it one of the well preserved Roman Buildings.

The Maison Carree is a mind-boggling timeless classic example of Vitruvian architecture. It is almost a particular replica of a Tuscan-style Roman temple. The facade contains a deep portico. It features a hexastyle design with six columns. It is then backed by twenty engaged columns along the walls of the cella. 

The Pantheon 

Fall in love with these 5 well preserved Roman Buildings

It is one among the best-preserved of all Ancient Roman buildings, in large part because it’s been in continuous use throughout its history. it had been rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian and doubtless dedicated about 126 AD. The building is cylindrical with large granite columns. 

After a visitor enters it, they witness an enormous rounded room. The room is wrapped by the dome. The top hosts the oculus. It allows the rainfall through the ceiling and leads it into the floor. This allows the drainage and incline of 30cms. The interior of the dome is extended to symbolize the arched vault of the heavens. The oculus acts as a natural source of light for the interior. All of this provides a reverse sundial effect which makes it well preserved for the years to come.

Augustus Temple 

Fall in love with these 5 well preserved Roman Buildings

The temple of Augustus or simply Augustus temple is located in Pula, Croatia. It was made especially for the first Roman emperor. Outside Italy, this temple is considered to be the most well preserved Roman Building.

Augustus Temple is a part of three other temples. It stands to the left of the central temple. There is also a temple of goddess Diana on the other side of the main temple.

Hercules Tower

Fall in love with these 5 well preserved Roman Buildings

The Hercules tower is the pride of Jordan. The unique architecture makes the tower the most significant Roman Structure. The site of the tower also contains pieces of stone statues. They are mainly colossal and named Hercules

It was expected to be over 12m tall. There was an earthquake in Jordan which destroyed the statues. All that is left are the pieces after the earthquake. It consists of three fingers and an elbow. The structure is made up of Greek marble which gives it a distinctive look. The Hercules Tower is the oldest extant lighthouse for the Romans. 

Curia Julia 

Fall in love with these 5 well preserved Roman Buildings

The Curia Julia is a senate house that was constructed and built in the ancient city of Rome. It was built in 44BC by and for Julius Caesar. It is mainly known and called the Roman Senate House. It is a third named structure within the comitia. It mainly originates from the single Etruscan temple. Meanwhile, here is a homeless artist who got viral.

It was designed and built with the aim to enhance the dignity of the town. The lengths of the construction were closely monitored. The marble floor stands as an example of opus sectile. In it, the pieces of colored stone are mounted together to form geometric shapes. The Senate floor now hosts as a venue for temporary use exhibits as it can no longer be so bare. All of this architecture’s historic importance makes Curia Julia one of the most well preserved Roman Buildings as well.


The best part about Roman structures is their royal designs. One falls in awe within a look of seconds. The structures created by them are timeless. Thus, these were the 5 well-preserved Roman Buiding structures one will surely fall in love with. Which one was your favorite? Drop your answers in the comments!


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