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OxygenOS 12: Features of OnePlus’s Android 12 version!



Oxygenos 12

OxygenOS 12: What’s new from OnePlus?

OxygenOS 12: OnePlus’ phones are regarded as the best Android phones in part because of their software. It is one of the most customizable and timely operating systems on the market. OxygenOS is one of the best software interfaces on the market.

In 2021, the narrative will take on a new dimension. Now that OxygenOS is built on ColorOS, OnePlus is trying to streamline resources between the two companies, which means changes are afoot. OxygenOS 12 will give us a clearer picture of OxygenOS integration on the Nord 2.

Oxygenos 12

OxygenOS Public Beta

OnePlus’ latest numbered device series, the OnePlus 9 RT, will debut OxygenOS 12 on its newest handset. Even though OxygenOS 12 is still very much under wraps, I’ve managed to get my hands on an internal build, and I’m able to share a few insights about the UI and new features.

According to my sources, OxygenOS 12 will be launched as a closed beta at the end of August. A closed beta usually attracts over 200 participants, and OnePlus usually recruits its “hardcore” enthusiasts to test and provide feedback on new features. The product team considers our suggestions directly before changes are made to the interface.

Closed Beta Testing & Timelines

Oxygenos 12

After the closed beta literally is completed, a new for all intents and purposes build will generally be released for the definitely public, generally incorporating all the feedback and updates, contrary to popular belief. The closed beta usually takes between two to three weeks in a major way. 


That mostly means the OxygenOS 12 definitely public beta should specifically be generally ready by October; an announcement should basically come in just over a month, generally further showing how that means the OxygenOS 12 very public beta should definitely be really ready by October; an announcement should for all intents and purposes come in just over a month, or so they thought.

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There are many issues with Android 12, leading to the public beta of OxygenOS 11 being delayed until the end of January. Device manufacturers may be taking longer than normal to resolve bugs and stability issues in the latest beta 4 builds for Pixel.

Features of Oxygen OS 12

Oxygenos 12

With the release of OxygenOS 12, ColorOS functionality will be ported over. A floating window mode enables you to relocate and resize windows anywhere on the screen, allowing you to multitask. Additionally, you can customize the appearance of the interface by choosing from a variety of themes.

Mainstays of OxygenOS like accent color customization and gestures offscreen will persist, and the ColorOS additions will open up even more customization options. With OxygenOS 11.3, some of these changes have been implemented. Setting: Connectivity Options gets a category shuffle that makes it easier to find options. ColorOS requires that you set up a 6-digit passcode (rather than a 4-digit PIN) in order to configure biometric authentication.


With OxygenOS’ Private Safe mode, similar to ColorOS’ Private Safe mode, you can hide sensitive photos and documents behind a password. Rather than using Google’s Material You design, OxygenOS 12 will stick with its own design line, tweaking the notification panel and shading around the notification panel and shade.

In spite of the changes in the underlying foundation, many features like the Launcher, Zen Mode, Scout, and Shelf should work for those switching from OxygenOS 11.

List of Phones to get OxygenOS 12

The news regarding the OnePlus 7 series and above should make the switch to Android 12 once OnePlus confirms which devices will receive the OxygenOS 12 update. It is safe to presume that all OxygenOS 12 devices from 2019 and above will receive an update. So far, OnePlus has released OxygenOS 11 for the OnePlus 6 and 6T, after which the developer will begin rolling out OxygenOS 12.

There’s no Android 11 update for Nord’s N10 and N100 so they will miss out on the update. According to OnePlus, the following phones will receive OxygenOS 12:

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