early retirement

How to plan for early retirement | Follow these tips and retire early!

Early Retirement: How to Plan it?

Who does not wish for early retirement? In retirement, the amount of money you’re going to need is more significant than how much money you’re spending now.

early retirement

You must plan your finances carefully in order to ensure financial independence if you wish to retire early. Saving alone might not be enough to sustain a retired life without income since inflation and expenses are on the rise. There are a few things you need to know if you want to retire early.

Early Retirement Tips

We have curated some tips for you which would help you to tackle early retirement. It finally boils down to discipline and how you choose to spend and save your money. Stick to it and you shall be able to achieve your early retirement goal.

Track your Expenses

In early retirement, the amount of money you’re going to need is more significant than how much money you’re spending now.

Expenses such as food, clothing, rent, transportation, insurance premiums, and other utilities should be the first on the list. Ensure you have paid off all debts, bills, and loans you have taken, so you do not miss any payments.

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Having a secure retirement requires planning ahead for a debt-free retirement, which means eliminating bad debt and saving enough to pay off long-term loans even after retirement. The timing of your retirement will also matter a lot. You must allocate a certain amount of money to pay towards any future health insurance policies and life insurance policies you may purchase after you retire.

Requirement of Money

Let’s come to the second tip for early retirement. Once you’ve done your budgeting for your post-retirement expenses, you’ve calculated the amount of money you’ll need for retirement. In spite of the fact that there is no clear roadmap, the thumb rule suggests setting aside 25-30 times your budget annual expenses and enough cash to last a year. 

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It is important to investigate how inflation affects the costs of daily living when you are 40 or 50 years old. The monthly expense for your household is $20,000. This amounts to $240,000 every year. An annual income of 60,000 is the result of dividing *2,40,000 by four percent. Consequently, you will require an annual income of $60, 000 once you retire.

Money-Saving & Regular Investment

early retirement

Inaction without timely action is a waste of time in financial planning. For your retirement fund to be adequate, you must start saving early.

In order to obtain sufficient results for early retirement, however, savings alone are insufficient. So you must invest in other options, such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds. Also sovereign gold bonds, cryptocurrencies, and much more. The more you watch your money grow, the more it grows.

Active and Passive Management

early retirement

Moving to the last early retirement tip. It is a deadly sin to invest money and then forget about it. Verify that your portfolio is sufficiently diversified and monitor your investments. It is possible to invest your money in high-trending equity mutual funds or stocks if you wish to accumulate a substantial corpus after 15-20 years and are willing to take risks.

For conservative investors who are unprepared for stock market volatility, consider debt funds, which generate higher returns than bank deposits while avoiding investment risk. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, new employment and business opportunities will open up in the real estate market. In these times of historically low-interest rates, investing in property now could pay off later in increased value. Health insurance that will cover your treatment costs is the best way to save on your medical bills and other expenses during and after your hospitalization.


Do not underestimate the opportunity of term life insurance, a critical component of financial security for your family after you pass away. Consider the financial needs of your beneficiaries as well as your debts before setting the term cover amount. In this case, your nominees will be responsible for the loan you took. 

Thus, we hope you liked our early retirement tips and would follow the same in order to plan your retirement!

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