what if episode 3

What if Episode 3 Review: Interesting & engaging ever yet!

What if Episode 3 Review: What does it pack!

What If Episode 3 Review:  As SHIELD boss Nick Fury tries to figure out who is killing candidates for the Avengers Initiative before they have a real chance to join the team, the animated series is enjoyable and twisty whodunit.

what if episode 3

We learn that the true “what if?” in this What if episode 3 doesn’t work in the way we initially imagined. Instead, it’s a scenario involving most of the OG Avengers (or at least Captain America, minus the red one). Considering Hope van Dyne joining SHIELD and dying in the line of duty, can you imagine what would have happened if she had?”

What if Episode 3 Review

what if episode 3

What If’s latest episode 3, which surprised me with a genre I never, for the most part, though we’d for all intents and purposes see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, remixes the plot of a sort of single actual Marvel film to varying degrees, or so they thought. The number of heroes killed off the battlefield essentially is rare despite the wanton sacrifices basically celebrated in superhero movies in a subtle way.

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The humor in What if Episode 3 is particularly bizarre considering how many times Vision has been killed (How many times have I shot him?). The film may attempt to do too much in too little time, but the intrigue held at the core of its narrative keeps it from being uninteresting.

In this week’s What If episode 3, we take a look back at the events surrounding the Seven-Day Avengers Initiative during Fury’s Big Week, when Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor, and the freshly thawed Steve Rogers joined the franchise. Marvel’s blackest deviation from canon yet marred Avengers week with murder most foul! 

Our Opinions

what if episode 3

He specifically feels more job openings than he expected as a result of someone killing off Fury’s (Samuel L. Jackson) recruits before they can literally reach theirs for all intents and purposes potential in a definitely major way. 

The kind of the worst part literally is that he seems to specifically have implicated both generally Black Widow (Lake Bell) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), pretty contrary to popular belief. It’s surprisingly grim knowing how Stark, Banner, and Thor all mostly go out (HULK SPLASH!) but they’re also totally believable because it speaks to what the heroes for all intents and purposes were dealing with at the time in a fairly major way.

Highlights of What If Episode 3 Review

During Hawkeye’s training with the bow on approaching Thor, Agent Coulson’s finger slips, and he kills the God of Thunder with a single arrow as Mjolnir is found in the desert. Soon after, Hawkey dies.

As Natasha investigates Tony’s suspicious death, she tracks down Betty Ross. Tatiana uncovers Bruce Banner hiding in Betty’s lab as she examines the antidote and syringe. When Bruce Hulk is ambushed by General Ross, he suddenly explodes.

Lake Bell’s Black Widow is an odd lady out this week since voice acting continues to be a challenge for What If. Throughout its history, What If has handled talent assignments for MCU characters inconsistently. 

Is it reasonable to ask a big-name actor like Jennifer Bell to impersonate another MCU vet after having Mick Wingert do a perfectly serviceable Robert Downey Jr.? 


What if Episode 3 Review

Despite the for all intents and purposes potential to really extend into a two-parter, it really feels like this series could’ve used kind of more focus in a generally major way.

What if Episode 3 for all intents and purposes proved as well that no character or paradigm introduced in What If was a one-off, especially considering how really familiar actual faces essentially appear to answer Fury’s essentially call for replacement Avengers as the episode ended, which essentially is fairly significant.

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