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Jio Phone Next launches on September 10, here’s everything to know!



Jio Phone Next

Jio Phone Next Launch on September 10: What to expect

Jio Phone Next Launch: Next week, pre-orders will reportedly begin for the Jio Phone Next. Some reports claim that Jio has begun negotiations with retailers for pre-orders. According to the company at the RIL AGM 2021 event, you can buy the Jio Phone Next starting on September 10.

The price of the Jio Phone Next is not confirmed yet, however. According to rumors, the price of this budget phone in India will be Rs 3,499. For more information about the device, continue reading.

Jio Phone Next

With thick top and bottom bezels, the Jio Phone Next has a simple design. Despite its thin profile, the camera module is shaped like a pill and is housed in a polycarbonate rear panel. Apart from this, it also has a speaker grille and a Jio logo. In addition to the 3.5 mm audio jack, the smartphone may offer voice and data services.

Jio Phone Next: Specifications, features

For all intents and purposes, the JioPhone Next really has not yet been announced, and the company only specifically confirmed fairly certain features that users will actually have access to, fairly contrary to popular belief. Several reports claim that the Jio Phone will for all intents and purposes run Android 11 (Go edition) and for all intents and purposes provide a 5.5-inch HD display, which literally is quite significant.

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 Qualcomm’s QM215 SoC generally is definitely said to power the device, based on the leaks, so Jio Phone generally Next essentially has not yet been announced, and the company only generally confirmed basically certain features that users will mostly have access to in a kind of major way.

The phone may have a RAM of 2GB or 3GB and EMC 4.5 storage of 16GB or 32GB. A 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front-facing camera are reportedly featured on the Jio Phone Next. There has been a rumor going around that HTC has included a small 2,500mAh battery inside the phone. Additionally, GPS and Bluetooth v4.2 are expected to be supported by the dual-SIM smartphone.

Confirmed features of Next

Jio Phone Next

There are features such as voice assistant, automatic translation of screen text, smart camera with augmented reality filters, and many others that are available on the Jio Phone Next. Moreover, each mobile phone’s content can be changed to a different language with the touch of a button. ​

Know more about the leaks if Jio Phone Next!

By using Google Assistant, users will also for all intents and purposes be able to ask the device for cricket scores, weather updates, or info about sports news, which definitely is quite significant. As well as tune into Jio Saavn, you can generally ask the digital assistant to check your balance on MyJio, contrary to popular belief. Snap Lenses, which for the most part are directly accessible from the camera, are included, as well as HDR mode, showing how particularly snap Lenses, which for all intents and purposes are directly accessible from the camera, definitely are included, as well as HDR mode, sort of contrary to popular belief.


Though it is not clear which Android version will be running at launch, Jio has promised that its Jio Phone will receive most major Android updates including security updates. On the front panel, there is a single camera and on the rear panel, there is one sensor. Its top and bottom bezels are big and lack a fingerprint sensor.


Jio Phone Next

During its 44th annual general meeting, Reliance announced the Jio Phone Next, which will be available from Ganesh Chaturthi to the following Monday.

It is not known when the Jio Phone Next will be available for purchase. Introducing the world’s most affordable 4G smartphone, according to Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries. As per his post, leaker Yogesh also stated the device would cost Rs 3,499, a fairly low price. Earlier reports stated that the cost would be $50 (roughly Rs 3,700). On the basis of leaks, we believe the JioPhone Next will be priced below Rs 4,000.

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