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The premiere of the highly anticipated drama TV series, The Chi Season 5 is set to release this year in the coming months. With the announcement of The Chi Season 5’s release, fans have been elated to find out what happens next after the nail-biting, cliffhanger ending of the last season. Created by the Emmy Award winner, Lena Waithe, and produced by 20th Television, the show features diverse characters with depth and tells a compelling story about them, garnering a vast audience. Here is everything we know so far about the release of The Chi Season 5. 

The Chi debuted with its first season on January 7, 2018, and has had four seasons up till now. The last episode aired in August 2021, comprising 10 episodes each. The show aired on Showtime, with all four seasons available for streaming online. Fans have been waiting for the new season for a while, eager to know what the show has in store with the cliffhanger ending that the fourth season had. The Chi Season 5 is likely to explain the ending of season 4 and also take the story further ahead. The new season is also expected to have 10 episodes like the previous seasons. 

The Chi Plot Summary

A tender touch and a genuine affection for its characters mark, the plot of The Chi is about life on the South Side of Chicago. The Chi is a coming-of-age drama series about a group of interwoven working-class African-Americans who remind us that the human spirit is strong and hope never dies, no matter what. The series is a current, unique coming-of-age drama that follows a half-dozen interconnected characters in Chicago’s South Side. Jason Mitchell plays Brandon, a self-confident and ambitious young man who dreams of one day owning his own restaurant, but is torn between the promise of a new life and his responsibilities to his mother and teenage brother on the South Side.

The Chi Series Recap

In the first two episodes, Jason and Coogie died, which affected how many people lived near the epicenter, depending on how far they were from the epicenter. For Jason’s family, Ronnie, who seemed like a father to him, is devastated. Even though he was no longer connected to Jason or Jason’s mother Tracy, it seemed as if Jason was his child for a while. Ronnie, however, makes the rash decision to kill Coogie after Jason dies, which has disastrous results.

Brandon’s truck being robbed sets off a series of events that threatens his relationship with Jerrika and brings the cops into his life for reasons other than Coogie. Kevin’s relationship with Maisha, for example, remains complex, especially when Papa and Jake see their developing closeness. Furthermore, he and Jake are exposed to how the students at Northside Academy live, and with Kevin’s option to attend there comes the temptation to abandon his buddies. It appears that, with Brandon and Jerrika not returning for Season 3, he may find himself filling up for Brandon’s time and responsibilities.

The Chi Season 5
The Chi series Recap

Emmett tries to change his mother’s mind about him as he grows from an uninterested adolescent to a full-fledged businessman, but Jada is focused on her own next chapter. Ronnie is unclear about his life’s purpose but believes it is yet possible to change. Kevin, Kiesha, and their wedded mothers, Nina and Dre, experience a life-changing event. Jake is torn between his estranged brother Trig and Douda, his strong new father-figure, while Papa finds love in the most unexpected of places.

Kiesha is torn between two options that will affect her pregnant child’s life. A run-in with the cops leaves Kevin, Jake, and Papa shaken. Emmett tells Tiff the truth. Jada receives some shocking information. Tiff finds a solution to her continuing relationship problems with her new spouse Emmett. Mayor Douda, Tracy, and Trig realize it’s time to take matters into their own hands and safeguard the village. However, Jemma and Kevin have hit a snag in their relationship. Jake, Jemma, and Kevin plan a demonstration on campus.

The Chi Season 5
Image Credit: Showtime

Tiff and Emmett establish new boundaries in their relationship. Dre is Nina’s suspicion. Emmett receives some surprising news from Jada. Kevin and Jemma’s relationship is at an impasse. Papa attempts to bring Kevin and Jake together. As a pair, Emmett and Tiff try new things. When Jamal hits his breaking point, Trig attempts to give him advice. Kevin visits the West Side with a new acquaintance. Nina and Dre plan a surprise party for Kiesha. Tiff is told by Emmett to make a decision. Jake tells Jemma the truth. Trig issues an ultimatum to Douda.

The Chi Season 5 Plot

The Chi Season 5 will continue from the ending of The Chi Season 4 and it will most probably be a direct follow up from the events of The Chi Season 4. Fans got a sneak peek of The Chi Season 5 from the trailer that was recently uploaded on the show’s official YouTube Channel.

After Jake had a violent incident with some officers, the latest season of The Chi centered on a community movement for police reform. Trig’s solution was a neighborhood watch programme, but it’s far from perfect.

The Chi Season 5
The Chi Season 5 Plot

The Chi Season 5 might also be bringing Douda as per some statements that were made by one of the showrunners of The Chi, Justin Hillian. The viewers will undoubtedly be satisfied with the reasoning behind Tiff and Emmett’s confrontation. There is also plenty of room for development of Christian and Kiesha’s relationship.

The Chi Season 5, on the other hand, may also focus on Christian and Kiesha’s romance arc. Season 5 will also focus on strengthening the community protection programme in South Chicago which is the main highlight of this series. 

In The Chi Season 5, the residents will come together to try to alter the neighbourhood in addition to coping with their own issues. The video depicts residents of Chicago’s South Side contending with rising crime rates, daily violence, and a lack of access to basic services. 

The Chi Season 5
Image Credit: Showtime

This is why we will be seeing Trig who is thinking of running for office, with the assistance of Douda and Shaad. The Chi Season 5 will continue to explore the ties that bind a community together. It will also explore the unique and challenging obstacles that each individual might face in their lives.

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The Chi Season 5 Release Date

The fourth season of The Chi aired in May 2021. Showtime immediately renewed the series for The Chi Season 5. Since then over the span of a year or so, Showtime did not disappoint the fans of the show. Fans will be delighted on getting the news that we are about to reveal.

The network made a statement on April 19th 2022 that the debut episode of The Chi Season 5 will be available on streaming and on-demand for Showtime subscribers on Friday, June 24 2022 which is two days before its televised premiere at 9 p.m. ET, according to a statement that was shared by the showrunners of The Chi.

The total number of episodes that will be aired in The Chi’s Season 5 is still under speculation since it has not been confirmed as of yet. The Chi has so far aired four seasons and each of these seasons have released ten episodes, therefore the upcoming season may with most probability have ten episodes. 

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The Chi Season 5 Cast

The Chi Season 5 will see the return of the main cast and will also see the introduction of new characters who will be developed for the new season. The main cast and most of the supporting cast from the previous seasons will return for The Chi Season 5.

The Chi Season 5
The Chi Season 5 Cast

Jason Mitchell will return as Brandon Johnson with Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine as Ronnie Davis and Jacob Latimore as Emmett Washington. The Chi Season 5 will also see the return of Alex Hibbert as Kevin Williams, Tiffany Boone will be reprising her role of Jerrika Little and Yolonda Ross will return as Jada Washington along with Armando Riesco as Detective Cruz.

The Chi Season 5 Trailer

Ever since announcing the news of the release date of The Chi Season 5, Showtime has also uploaded the trailer of the highly anticipated new season of The Chi. It was recently released by them on their YouTube Channel on May 4th, 2022.

Check out the trailer of The Chi Season 5 by clicking on the video below, it has so far garnered over 2 million views. The trailer has raised the expectations of the fans of the series worldwide.

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