Naomi Osaka Review: The Greatest Show we’ve Ever Seen

Naomi Osaka Review: The Greatest Show we’ve Ever Seen

Naomi Osaka Review: Life’s story of Naomi’s career!

Naomi Osaka Review: The Greatest Show we’ve Ever Seen

Naomi Osaka on Netflix takes a detailed look into the life of Naomi Osaka’s tennis career. The show shows how she is one of the most gifted athletes in the current generation. The thing which makes it one of the greatest shows is the insights into the tough decisions she had to make in order to become a young superstar tennis player. We have watched it and here is our Naomi Osaka Review.


They as athletes sometimes feel that their sport is not about them. Without sounding arrogant she means to say that one can achieve anything we want to in each other’s lives. She also spoke about the joyous moments, pressure, and pain that every athlete goes through. She doesn’t say it but we all believe that this is how the desire to win has grown in him. 

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The show is divided into segments of different themes. As put in the Naomi Osaka Review, it includes her training, fame, success, and her vulnerabilities. 

Naomi Osaka Trailer

Naomi Osaka Review

The main content of the show comes down to the life of Naomi Osaka. It mainly showcases her life and what life has been like. From practicing on the streets to earning millions of dollars, the show goes around Naomi’s life. The audience is even shown her messy bedroom. The show also shows her life before the majors, playing in the lower level tournaments and being thrashed by her more experienced rivals. 

Naomi Osaka has shown it all. For example, she fights back against the bad reception from the crowd and the bullies in her school. But she always regains her composure and even forgives her tormentors when the mood is down. This is what makes her different from all other youngsters.

Why this show is such a must-watch

In a modern-day world of high-octane action sports and television shows, Naomi Osaka has had to face some extremely tough challenges and make some difficult decisions. I hope you are liking our Naomi Osaka Review. The tennis player shares with us the most candid details about her life. Even though she was quick to make it to the top of the tennis world, she still had to face some of the most difficult times in her life. 

We get to know about the decisions she had to make, the tough times she faced, and how much she had to sacrifice. Getting the breakthrough moment One of the things that make Naomi Osaka so popular and loved is her attitude. She always loves to give it her best and try to win matches, no matter what. But she wasn’t always so lucky. In fact, she has faced a lot of difficult situations and suffered from injuries.

Naomi’s achievements

Let us first talk about her achievements and how she got there. She had this terrific win over Serena Williams at Indian Wells in March 2018. A win against Serena at Indian Wells makes it all the more important. That was a win against the most dominant player in the world at the time, winning 6-2, 6-4. 

For anyone who has watched Naomi Osaka play during this year, they might not be aware that she has been involved in a car accident in 2016. This accident happened when she was in high school. She wasn’t hurt but she was hurt mentally as this was a traumatic experience for her. But she moved on and took part in an international tennis camp that she could afford. She had the opportunity to play with the biggest names in the world and learn from them.


Naomi Osaka is the right player for tennis to have in the present generation of world tennis. Yes, the girl from Japan is a junior finalist and even the winner of Wimbledon and a US Open Junior Grand Slam. However, as a top junior, the progress was very disappointing and even the player herself was not impressed by her level of play and mentality. 

The show is definitely a watch for everyone. The inspiration which comes out from this show is immense. The story is laid out beautifully for everyone to watch. Thus, this was Naomi Osaka Review.

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