Black Widow Movie Review: Finally the 1st Solo Movie Nat deserves!

Black Widow Movie Review: Finally the 1st Solo Movie Nat deserves!

Black Widow Movie Review: Natasha Romanoff in all Action

While getting a Solo movie for Natasha aka Black Widow took a long time, it is undoubtedly one of the best solos ever. We have watched it to make Black Widow Movie Review. To say it loud,  Marvel Studios has definitely managed to put her past origins in a neat way coupled with a lot of actions and emotions. The side of Nat, which her fans have never seen it. Here is our Black Widow Movie Review

Black Widow: Origins

Black Widow Movie Review
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Before we dive into the Black Widow Movie review, let us know what we are getting into. This is the origin story of Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow is born on Earth in Russia. After her parents’ death, she is adopted and trained in martial arts. There as a widow she was working under Dreykow’s network of widows. It implies Red Rooms which one would come to know as they watch the movie. Her brought-up sister was suffering from the same act of mind control. It was to which on one of her kill outs, a vitals spray freed her from control.

Like most of the superheroes, she joined the superhero league, with a special nod to the nickname, for the purpose of taking down supervillains.  But the only difference is that she is a Russian living in New York. She helps Steve Rogers aka Captain America, who calls her White Widow. Here she and Steve share a romantic moment during the train ride to Wakanda. 

Plans of Black Widow Movie

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Ever since the trailer of Avengers: Infinity War dropped, we knew Marvel was looking for something different for their next installment of the Russo Brothers and that’s where the solo movies of MCU – Black Widow, came into focus. At least one of them is definitely the solo movie of Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow. As in to say for the Black Widow Movie Review, “The movie is thrilling and filled with loads of action as the exploration of Natasha continues.” 

How was the movie? While you could say Captain Marvel doesn’t have Natasha so I’ll be very brief here, Black Widow had the biggest set of fight sequences ever seen on screens. These ones were meant for action, thrill, and some stunts. 

Melina and the Russian Captain America have raised Natasha and Yelena. How and why get answered later on as well. Well, if you are watching it, do watch the post-credits scene as well. Marvel might use the same in the future.

Black Widow Movie Review: The Good, The Bad

Black Widow Movie Review

Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) is in her late 30s. Now that the movie deals with the part of her life, we know that Natasha had a tough past and her pasts always made sure that she was seen in a very similar light. As they kept quoting in the movie, “ Pain only makes us stronger.”

Black Widow was always the last resort for the big anti-heroes, so she does not really belong to the same category of ‘hero’. From what we hear, the first movie was a ‘very different story from the previous solo movies we have ever seen. Marvel Studios gave the audience a complete Black Widow movie which is on the next level.

Speaking about the bad, there is no such bad to point out other than some scenes. Well, Black Widow doesn’t have any superpowers, she is a pro at martial arts and combat fighting. Considering all of this, the ending fighting scenes were extreme. Don’t get us wrong with our Black Widow Movie Review. The fight scene on the air was too much to witness. It would have been acceptable if it was for IronMan, Cap, Thor, but not from her.  

Journey of Natasha as Black Widow 

We all know that Natasha is the female Avenger who is not a born Avenger. She was inducted into the superhero squad as a teen as part of an exchange program. Natasha grew up in Russia after the fall of Communism. We have stressed the same in this Black Widow Movie review and the teaser post as well.

In the aftermath, the murder of a high-profile politician brought her close to the former agent Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. She decided to run away from the Soviets and took up the name “Black Widow”. In other words, Hawkeye was sent to hunt her down. But, he instead showed the truth that she was being manipulated.


The movie is not available in India. It was released in the US a few days ago. However, you can sideload the leaked one and watch it if you can’t wait till October 8.

To conclude, the Black Widow movie review, it is a complete package of thriller, action, and emotions. This movie can be watched for its action, to understand the origins of Natasha and her family. Making a movie of this standard was really commendable work. 

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