WWE legend Ric Flair splits with Wendy Barlow

WWE legend Ric Flair splits with Wendy Barlow

WWE legend Ric Flair took to social media to share a sad parting with Wendy. The reason for the breakup of the marriage is not known. Flair asks that everyone respect his family, and his privacy.

Wendy Barlow and Flair arranged a 2018 wedding ceremony. According to reports, Flair, Barlow, and Flair confirmed that the ceremony was a private one and that they had never applied for a license. Flair and Barlow have lived apart for six months.

Flair and his wife had been married for eight months before he was admitted to hospital following a serious health problem. Flair, a pro-wrestler, has spoken out to FOX 5 Atlanta several times about his heart condition.

Flair and Barlow met at World Championship Wrestling 1993. Barlow confirmed that they never applied for a marriage certificate, and said they have been living apart since August 2013.

Although the marriage ceremony was performed, several reports indicate that Flair and Barlow did not sign the required Florida marriage license.

Ric Flair was married to Barlow for the fifth time.

Outside of wrestling, the Nature Boy has been an Atlanta fixture in sports. After his daughter-in-law started attending Georgia Bulldogs games, Flair began rooting for them in 2018. Flair has had the privilege of hosting the Atlanta Falcons at Five Stripes matches and also hammering in Gold Spike.

Flair will be celebrating his 73rd birthday later in the month.

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