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The New Google AI Tool That Can Identify 288 Skin Conditions.



The New Google AI Tool That Can Identify 288 Skin Conditions.

A recently unveiled New Google AI tool can Identify various hair, skin and nail conditions based on the images uploaded.

This year at Google’s annual developer conference, the “dermatology assist tool” was unveiled. Consequently, they will launch the application later this year, according to the sources.

This application is awarded a CE mark enabling it to use as a medical tool in Europe.

An oncology expert from the University of  Southampton – Professor Tim Underwood expressed his appreciation. He said that New Google AI tool advances could enable doctors to provide more customized treatment to their patients.

“The application of AI, both in cancer and in other areas of medicine, informs the conversation around what the diagnosis might be and what treatment to offer to an individual,” He added


Many believe It can be especially beneficial now, as these days virtual consultations have been on the rise.

New Google AI tool trained using images

The New Google AI Tool That Can Identify 288 Skin Conditions.

The representatives of the firm said suggested that this Google AI tool can recognise 288 skin conditions. However, it is not designed to use as a susbtitue for medical diagnosis and treatment option.

Supposedly, this AI tool took three years to develop. It was initially provided with data of 65,000 images of diagnosed skin conditions. This AI tool was trained using various pictures of healthy skin, in all shades and tones. Most importantly, they studied millions of images of marks, rashes or skin conditions people were concerned about.

This application won’t give a diagnosis with just the images of the skin conditions. It also requires patients to answer a series of questions about their health and other accompanying symptoms.

Reportedly, it is based on previous Google tools that were developed to spot the symptoms of certain cancers and tuberculosis. Although, none of these tools is approved to use as an alternative to medical diagnosis.

Representatives from Google said that every year, there are about 10 billion searches related to skin, hair and nail issues.


This Dermatology Google AI tool has not yet been cleared by FDA to use in the US. However, a similar model built by a British firm as a tool for the diagnosis of lung cancer. It is called Optellum and was recently approved by the FDA.

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