Italy becomes Euro 2020 champion after beating England 3-2

Euro 2020 Champion: Italy Beats England 3-2

Italy becomes the Euro 2020 Champion after Italy beat England by penalties. This made them win the European Championship title for the second time. Italy won the first crown for continental back in 1968. That is a huge gap and deserves to be celebrated after beating England 3-2. Here’s more about Euro 2020 Champion.

Italy becomes Euro 2020 Champion

Congratulations! Italia Roma are the Euro 2020 champions! In the finals, England started with Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney. They managed to have the first goal but it was ruled offside. Italian Giovanni Simeone equalized in the second half with a powerful header. James Milner and Mario Balotelli missed the second spot-kick in the penalty shootout when it mattered the most. 2. Roberto Mancini Wins Serie A Title After Mancini became the Italian coach, he managed to guide his team to win the Serie A title in 2012.

In the 57th minute, one of the teammates made a brilliant save from the feet and he was beaten, who scored the first goal of the night. Before that, Pickford saved the scoreline from 0-1 and it was 2-1 to England in the 73rd minute of the match. He made another brilliant save but the score remained 1-2 to England.

Italy beats England 3-2

Euro 2020 Champion: Italy Beats England. Italy beats England by 3-2 and became the Euro 2020 Champion. The game was decided on the penalty shootout. This is the first time that England has lost the lead in this tournament. Check out: WhatsApp Privacy Policy

 What started off as a humdrum game, turned out to be a fine, nail-biting game. Italy took the lead twice but England managed to hold their nerves and not lose. The game had no yellow cards, which makes it the best ever finals in any European Championships. Italy even managed to win the World Cup in 2006. This is the second-ever victory for Italy in the Euro. The champions in England came out to play strong against the Italian side.

Italy becomes Euro 2020 Champion

Italy becomes Euro 2020 champion after beating England 3-2

Team Italy won the prestigious Euro 2020 Championships for the second time. Italy won the title for the first time back in 1968. Since then Italy won the title only in 2006. Italy beat England in the final 3-2. After losing the lead after the first half. Italy made a brilliant comeback after that. It was a nail-biting last few minutes of the game with both teams trying hard to win the title. 

But the play had to be decided by the penalty shootouts. And the way Italy went about it was impressive. And to top it all, the player missed in the first place with his penalty, and that gave Italy a 1-0 lead. Shortly after that, he pulled a goal back for England. It was now 1-1. That was when Italy scored to give themselves a 2-1 lead.

Italy football team and English football team are both known for their aggressive style of play, and the fans have a love for each other and enjoy their football matches. The fans from both teams enjoy showing their team’s skills on the football field.

Italy won the first crown for continental back in 1968

Italy has won its first-ever Euros title in 1968. On their most recent appearance in 2002, Italy lost to Spain in the final and that became the last time they won the trophy. Now, they made it to their second straight final in UEFA Euro 2020 Champions but this time they face the arch-rivals England on a neutral venue Wembley Stadium. Although they were trailing 2-1 for the most part.


Overall, UEFA EURO CUP has had a pretty great year and it continues to maintain its reputation. Going into the events, was a huge success. So, grab the opportunity and give your support to your country’s football team by supporting them. Which team did you support in Euro 2020 Championship? 


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