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Fully Vaccinated people can stop wearing masks outside – the CDC United States



Fully Vaccinated people can stop wearing masks outside - the CDC United States

The Centre for disease control and prevention( CDC United States) relaxed some of the COVID-19 guidelines on Tuesday. They announced Vaccinated people  that people who took both doses of vaccine can now go out without masks. But there is a small exemption – they have to wear masks when they are in big crowds of strangers.

Experts claimed that Vaccinated people this decision will act as a motivator and prompt more Americans to register for vaccination.They also said that  those who have complete two doses of vaccination will feel relieved by this announcement.

In some cases, those people who are unvaccinated can also go out without masks too. These relaxed guidelines represent a calibrated step to help people return to their normal lives. 

The US lost over 570,000 lives during the Coronavirus outbreak last year.

President Biden about the new CDC United States guidelines.

US President Joe Biden took to Instagram and posted a picture of him without his mask on his official account. Vaccinated people


“When the CDC says you don’t have to wear a mask outside if you’re fully Vaccinated people  and not in a crowd.” The caption for his post read. Vaccinated people 

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The first lady of the United States, Dr Jill Biden also posted on Instagram about the importance of vaccination.

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A post shared by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden (@flotus)


“I promise you: it’s so quick, and so important to keep us all safe. #vaccine” Her post read.

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The CDC United States is hopeful that these new guidelines will also encourage people to get their second dose of vaccination. It is reported that millions of Americans are missing the appointment for their second dose of vaccination.

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