Filipino Folklore and Production Anecdotes

Filipino Folklore and Production Anecdotes: TRESE

Filipino Folklore and Production Anecdotes. Trese is a sci-fi and fantasy horror anime series from the United States. It is based on Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo’s Philippine comic novel.

Shanty Harmayn and Tanya Yuson of BASE Entertainment, a studio based in Jakarta and Singapore. They are producing the series, with Filipino-American Jay Oliva serving as Executive Director. On June 10, 2021, the first season‘s launching took place.

The character of Alexandra Trese is voiced by Liza Soberano (Filipino), Shay Mitchell (American) (English), and Ryoko Shiraishi (Japanese).

Trese is healer-warrior who serves as humanity’s protection against supernatural beings from the underworld. Soberano, who is renowned for her live-action roles, was first hesitant to accept the role of Alexandra. She states that “voice acting is a different game than acting.” In contrast to dubbing her own films and advertisements, Soberano explained that she plays a “different persona” rather than her own “natural self.” Shay Mitchell, for her part, described her English dub role as “very fun, yet intense.”

The storyline narrates how Alexandra Trese goes head-to-head with a criminal underworld in Manila. This is where legendary monsters from Philippine folklore hide among humans. Jay Oliva was executive producer and director of the series in November 2018. David Hartman, Mel Zwyer, and Tim DivarĀ also direct. Zig Marasigan, Mihk Vergara, and Tanya Yuson wrote the series. Yuson is also an executive producer for BASE Entertainment alongside Shanty Harmayn. The showrunners will be Trese komik artist Kajo Baldisimo and writer Budjette Tan. This was announced at the Netflix Anime Festival in October 2020.

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The production process

Tanya Yuson was looking for content to adapt for a series or film in 2009. Filipino Folklore and Production Anecdotes. Following a recommendation, she purchased Trese, a comic novel. Yuson forwarded the comic to her co-producer Shanty Harmayn. She then persuaded her that they should pitch the Trese adaptation as an animated series. They pitched to both domestic and international production houses. In May 2018, Netflix contacted Jay Oliva, who was in the United States at the time, about collaborating on a potential Trese animated series. A month later, Oliva took the position of Trese’s director.

Oliva attempted to balance the Trese animated series in order to please both existing fans and people who were unfamiliar with the original source material. He aimed to keep the fundamental topic of the original material, “family and duty,” which he describes as “universal principles and extremely Filipino.”

Filipino Folklore and Production Anecdotes dubbing happened in three different languages: Filipino, English, and Japanese. Some Filipino dialogue, such as the phrase “tabi tabi po,” occurs in non-Filipino versions to keep the series’ “Pinoy” flavour and encourage outsiders to learn the Filipino language and culture.

Marketing reception

Trese’s marketing initiatives have received praise online, including appreciation for billboards on EDSA and other important streets in the Philippines that include a distinctive design style that makes the billboards appear defaced or torn. This drew a lot of attention from Filipinos on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. According to their official Twitter account, a popular newspaper in the Philippines, Philippine Star, also featured “Trese” on its front page, and Business World (a business daily in the Philippines) also ran a significant advertisement.

Trese is worth seeing for its detailed worldbuilding, deep relationships, and a plot that explores both large mythical ideas and more intimate ones. It brings traditional mythology and life to the tiny screen. a spectacularly unique and polished horror-action series.

As for Trese herself, she’s almost an evil henchman, but she’s only human. And this world is such that the monsters that have become incredibly organised dwelling on the gloomy outskirts are only a verbal agreement away from splattering all humans throughout the concrete sidewalks and steel girder landscape. Filipino Folklore and Production Anecdotes. Local law enforcement is a source of amusement. In comparison, they are absurdly ineffective and frequently make mistakes in situations of outmatching. Trese works in this area, employing extraordinary talents to keep the human world stable. Despite the fact that there are only six episodes, they efficient, and the entire world is swift and comprehensive. It is viewed on Netflix, home to many good shows.

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