Enola Holmes 2: Everything We Know So Far

Enola Holmes 2: Everything We Know So Far

 Although in Doyle’s books Enola is never mentioned, we only get a glimpse of Sherlock’s relationship with his brother Mycroft. Read further to see the origins of Enola Holmes and the most awaited movie – Enola Holmes 2.

The beginning of Enola Holmes 

Enola Holmes was a character created by Nancy Springer and her editor Michael Green. She was first introduced in “The Case of the Missing Marquess”. It is the first book of The Enola Holmes mysteries, published in 2006.

Nancy Springer based the character of Enola on her own childhood. Incidentally, her relationship with her mother and two brothers who are much older than her inspired Enola’s isolation. Springer went on to publish a total of 6 books based on the adventures of Enola Holmes. The latest of them was published in 2010.

The first movie is based on the book “The Case of the Missing Marquess”. In both, the book and the movie Enola begins an adventurous journey looking for her mother. Being a teenager, her worst fears are Boarding school and the prospect of wearing corsets.

Mycroft, her eldest brother wants to send her to a boarding school for a ‘proper’ education, so she runs away. She finds herself in London where she solves a lot of ‘missing person’ cases while eluding and staying ahead of her brothers. One of them is the disappearance of a young Viscount, Lord Tewksbury. Enola Holmes 2 is also supposedly based on one of Nancy Springer’s books. But we are yet to know which one.

On the other hand, the show writer Jack Thorne could combine stories from different books. So we could see a completely new story independent from a single book. Emmy award winner Harry Bradbeer, who worked for hit shows like Flea Bag, Killing Eve, and Enola Holmes, returns as the director.

Enola Holmes 2: Release date and more

Netflix didn’t announce the release date of Enola Holmes 2. However, considering that the production only started last month, fans anticipate its release in 2022.

The whole buzz started when Millie Bobby Brown posted a picture of her in Enola’s costume. This behind-the-scenes picture of her shows Millie in a victorian ‘Mourning gown’. The caption read “the sequel is afoot” hinting at the commencement of the show’s production. Henry Cavill who plays Sherlock Holmes commented “ Woohoo! More Millie madness!” on the post. 

We are yet to find out if Sam Clafin and Helena Bonham Carter resume their roles as Mycroft and Eudoria Holmes, the roles of Enola’s eldest brother, and her mother.

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