Edens Zero Episode 16

Edens Zero Episode 15: Review, Release Date and Spoilers

Edens Zero Episode 15: Release date and Time

The first season of Edens Zero is now aired. Fans eagerly await the next episode as it becomes available. This has also contributed to the excitement for Edens Zero Episode 15. Edens Zero Episode 15 will be released Tuesday, July 18, 2021. The official broadcast time is 12:55 PM JST (Japan Standard Time). Viewers from other countries may see the time difference.

Where to watch?

Edens Zero Episode 15 is available to be viewed online on Netflix. Unidentified websites are not recommended for viewing the series as they can harm the creativity of creators and producers.

Edens Zero Episode 15 Trailer

Edens Zero Episode 15 Review

Shiki continues to travel around the robotic world with his crew. Witch Regret takes control of the Edens Zero and reveals the truth about Digitalis. Since Hermit has lost his heart, the team decided to enter Digitalis. Druken Joe was the one who killed everyone in Digitalis when they arrived.

Everyone in the group had their avatars personalized. Druken Joe informed Shiki that only the best players are worth hunting. Shiki reminds Draken he will not get away with his crimes.

Episode title: “The Girl on The Hill” Rebeca and Happy notice that Draken has erased the bodies of the most recent player. Pino remarks that death in this world leads to death in the real one. Draken was a mocking joker about the people he had killed and wished to see disillusionment spreading among them. Shiki becomes furious and activates his Ether Gear.

Edens Zero Episode 15

Draken wonders whether this kid wants to fight with him. Shiki unleashes Magimech Attack and Draken transforms his sword into a monstrous shark.

After canceling his attack, the shark bit Shiki’s hair. Draken said that Maria would eat any food and that it was snack time. Maria began to scream, realizing that Draken has many snacks to choose from. Rebeca and Pino, Happy, Witch Regret, and Happy all jump up before Maria takes them down.

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Maria is hungry so the building collapses. Shiki carries a huge tower that looks almost like a spear and sends it to Draken. Draken dragged himself out of the hole and stated that he had something to do. Draken stated that he had a meeting and that they would finish it next time.

Edens Zero Episode 16 Release Date

Edens Zero Episode 16 will be released Tuesday, 25th July 2021. We expect Edens Zero Episode 16 will air around 12:55 AM JST. Episode 16 will air in different time zones depending on where you live.

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