Student Loan

Biden’s Student Loan forgiveness program is now open.

The application for Biden’s student loan forgiveness program is open.

Borrowers can apply an application online.

The announcement of the application comes after the beta test was launched last Friday and attracted eight million users.

“It landed and handled more than 8 million applications without a glitch or any difficulty,” president Joe Biden.

The borrower can receive either $10,000 or $20,000 of debt relief, based on their income and whether they have received a Pell Grant in college.

The Education Department has said borrowers who apply in October might be able to have a portion of their debt erased in the first week of November.

To apply, borrowers need to enter their Social Security number and birthdate on the government’s online application.

They will be able to self-testify that they make less than $125,000 in a year and the equivalent of $250,000 for couples. Those who give false information may be subject to fines or even imprisonment.

The app is available in English and Spanish and is accessible via desktop computers or mobile phones.

The applicants who had already submitted their applications before the beta version was released do not need to apply again.

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