Top Netflix Picks for Young Families in 2024

The Last Kids on Earth: Zombie-Filled Adventures

Join Jack Sullivan and friends in a post-apocalyptic world with zombies, where kids learn to survive. Packed with adventure and impressive character development​.

Anne With an E: Empowering & Timeless

Rediscover the classic Anne of Green Gables in 'Anne With an E.' A heartwarming tale of an orphan girl's quest for acceptance and love.

One Day at a Time: Family & Cultural Identity

Follow the Alvarez family as they explore themes of sexuality, race, and cultural heritage in this modern remake of the 1970s sitcom

Our Planet: Awe-Inspiring Nature Documentary

Be mesmerized by the beauty of Earth and learn about environmental conservation in this breathtaking documentary series

The Big Family Cooking Showdown: Culinary Cultures

Dive into global cuisines with your family. A great mix of cooking, culture, and geography lessons, ideal for food-loving families​.

The Loud House: A Comedy of Chaos

Enjoy the chaotic but hilarious life of Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters in 'The Loud House,' a show that's all about family fun.

Julie and the Phantoms: Musical Ghostly Fun

Join Julie in a unique musical journey with her ghost band at a performing arts high school. A series full of original songs and family drama.

Alexa & Katie: Friendship Through Challenges

Watch the story of Alexa battling cancer with her family and best friend's support. An emotional series teaching empathy and resilience​.

The Babysitter’s Club: Friendship and Responsibility

A modern take on the beloved book series. Follow a group of friends running a babysitting club and navigating community responsibilities​.

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