Microsoft Edge Copilot Update on Android and iOS – What’s New

AI-Powered Copilot in Edge

Copilot in Microsoft Edge now offers AI-enhanced capabilities, making mobile browsing and tasks more efficient and interactive.

Copilot on Your Smartphone

Access the full-fledged Copilot experience on your smartphone, available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Tailor Your Copilot

Customize your Copilot experience with conversation styles - creative, balanced, or precise - to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Smarter Chat with Copilot

Leverage Copilot's chat functionalities for a range of tasks, from creating lists to finding information and more.

Hassle-Free Usage

Jump straight into the Copilot experience without the need for a Microsoft login, offering a streamlined and accessible interface.

Versatile Task Management

Use Copilot for a variety of tasks including drafting emails, crafting stories, and translating content, enhancing productivity on the go.

Available on Major Platforms

The Copilot app is now launched on Android, with the iOS version set to release soon, expanding its reach across mobile users.

Enhanced with Plugins

Utilize third-party plugin support in Copilot for additional functionalities like travel planning and resume writing.

AI at Your Fingertips

Microsoft's Copilot update on Edge for Android and iOS reshapes the mobile browsing landscape with cutting-edge AI capabilities.

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