Hidden gems on Netflix that everyone needs to watch!

The 100: Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Discover the gripping tale of survival in 'The 100', where 100 teens are sent back to Earth to determine if it's habitable, only to find unexpected challenges​

Friends from College: Comedy-Drama Rollercoaster

A group of Harvard graduates navigating adulthood brings laughter and drama in 'Friends from College'. Watch as old friendships and romances rekindle and unravel​

Cunk on Earth: Hilarious Mockumentary

Enjoy the dry humor of 'Cunk on Earth', a mockumentary that parodies documentary styles with its clueless but hilarious host, Philomena Cunk.

Last Chance U: Basketball - Inspiring Sports Docuseries

Follow the East Los Angeles College men’s basketball team in 'Last Chance U: Basketball', a story of determination and dreams in the world of college sports

Blue Eye Samurai: Animated Action

Immerse in the unique blend of action, adventure, and drama in 'Blue Eye Samurai', a visually stunning animation that explores themes of identity and honor

Atypical: A Heartwarming Coming-of-Age Story

Join Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum, as he seeks love and independence in 'Atypical', a show that combines humor with poignant moments​

The Society: Mysterious Teen Drama

The Society' offers a modern take on Lord of the Flies, where teenagers must create their own rules after mysteriously finding themselves alone in their town​

Imposters: A Twisty Thriller

Delve into the life of a con artist and her latest mark in 'Imposters', a show full of twists, turns, and dark humor

Reign: A Historical Drama

'Reign' is a captivating historical drama that follows the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots. It's a blend of history, romance, and political intrigue

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