Psychic Princess Season 2

Psychic Princess Season 2 – Plot, Recap, Release Date And More Exciting News You Need To Know!

Psychic Princess season 2 is highly awaited Chinese anime which has a huge fanbase all around the globe. Psychic Princess (Tong Ling Fei) is a popular Chinese anime or Chinese Doghua series, adapted from the original Chinese manhwa titled The Imperial Concubine.

The romantic anime explores a world of demons, fairies and other mythical creatures in a unique, refreshing and humorous way which has helped it gain a huge fanbase. Psychic Princess season 1 first released on November 30, 2018. Psychic Princess season 2 is set to release later this year and here is what you can expect from the release of the new season.

Psychic Princess Season 2
Psychic Princess Season 2

Psychic Princess season 1 had 16 episodes, each being 21 minutes long. The unique character design along with the mesmerizing art and a hooking storyline of the show has managed to garner attention from all over the world. The show also has complex characters that are beautifully written and have an exciting dynamic between which makes the show really interesting.

The manhwa is written under a pseudonym of Author Fleshy and the expected season of the show is most likely to use the manhwa as the source material. Tencent Animation and Haoliners Animation League produce the donghua.

Psychic Princess Season 1 Recap

The plot of Psychic Princess revolves around a young lady named Qian Yun Xi.

She is the eldest daughter of the country’s prime minister and the eldest daughter of the country’s president. At the age of eight, Qian Yun Xi was shunned by her parents for possessing extraordinary abilities and was sent into exile to the Ling Yun mountains by her father. Upon reaching 16 years old, she learns that her father has already set up her marriage to prince Ye You Ming. A harsh man, Prince also happens to be her father’s rival. However, she is willing to marry him for the sake of her younger sister.

Psychic Princess Season 2
Psychic Princess Recap

Qian Yun Xi is made to marry Prince Ye Wang after her younger sister, Qian Yun Shang, expresses her wishes to not marry and is backed by her mother. After the traditional marriage ceremony is concluded, Qian Yun Xi is sent to the haunted Serenity Pavillion on her wedding night by her groom.

Qian Yun Xi’s luck remained pretty much the same after marriage since her husband was a cruel man. Her husband did not like her. After their marriage, he displayed no kindness towards her. The married couple end up in various amusing situations throughout the course of the series. Things get even worse when it is revealed that the Princess possesses psychic abilities.

Psychic Princess Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Psychic Princess was first aired in late 2018 and went on till March of the following year. Fans have been waiting for a second season of the show for over two years since it first debuted. Despite the immense popularity of the show in and outside the Donghua community, the makers have not made any official statement regarding season 2 so far. 

There are media reports that the production of the second season was scheduled by the studios but ultimately had to be postponed due to the global pandemic. All signs point towards the show being renewed for a second season but there aren’t any official announcements from the makers as of now.

It is speculated that the production of the show will be completed in the near future and a release can be expected later this year.

Psychic Princess Season 2 Expected Plot

Psychic Princess season 2 is expected to pick up from the ending of season 1. The Taoist master joins Lady Psychic’s younger sister to evict the ghosts that have taken up residence in the palace in the first season’s climax. The Taoist master is dispelled of all the spells by Qian Yunxi when he sees all of this. Upon seeing this, the Taoist master begs her to be his disciple because of his fascination towards her. In contrast, Prince Ye enters the scene and declares that Qian Yun Xi is his and not anyone else’s.

Psychic Princess Season 2
Psychic Princess Season 2 Plot


Psychic Princess Season 2 is expected to return since the last episode aired back in March 2019. An official statement confirming the reports of a possible return is yet to be made but it is believed that the second season of the show is in production and can be expected to be released before the end of 2022, provided there are no pauses and breaks in the production this time.

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