Future Diary Season 2: Everything we know!

Future Diary Season 2

Future Diary Season 2: The manga series Sakae Esuno, written by Mirai Nikki, is also known as the Future Diary. A royal diary game is the premise of the story, which involves 12 characters assigned to future diaries. The future diaries contain information that can predict events to come. Kastil survived Deus Ex Machina, the God of Place and Time. Performers include Yuki Amano, Yuno Gasal, Minene Uryu, and Aru Akise.

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Future Diary Season 2– Plot

Future Diary Season 2: Everything we know!

Yuki Amano lived a life of fame and antisocial activism. One of the participants is Yuki’s close friend, Yuno Gasal, who can help Yuki in anything. Anger towards the Almighty occupied the mind of Minene Uryu, another spy. Aru Akise is the investigator who is tasked with finding Yuno’s deepest secrets and the purpose for the game.

Between October 10, 2011, and April 16, 2012, Chiba TV and TV Saitama broadcast the anime series. Those broadcasts took place on Funimation in the US and on Kaze UK in the UK. This article covers nearly all of the information about the release date and other details about the upcoming second season of Future Diary.

The production of Future Diary was handled by Assad Studio. The show was directed by Naoto Hosoda. The manga was written by Katsuhiko Takayama. Character design was done by Hietsugu Hirayama, and the artistic director’s work by Toshiyuki Tokuda.

Future Diary Season 2 – Release Date

Future Diary Season 2: Everything we know!

It was rumored that a number of devastating Future Diary stories had been deleted. Studio Assad and other official anime groups have not broadcast any cancellation news. Even though the requirements for phase 2 are difficult, there are also very few chances for the Future Diary Season 2 to be renewed.

If season 2 is released or not, it is hard to predict. It has already been decided in part 2 that the matter is finalized. Our team will inform you here once the official announcements for the second season are made. In late 2022 or early 2023, we can expect season two to start.

Was Future Diary Season 2 Cancelled?

Perhaps or perhaps not. It has been rumored that part 2 of the anime will be canceled, and no official name has been released from Studio Assad and other producers. Another reason is also that the first season was closed on a high note and no suspicions remained, but there is still a high volume of fans. There might be a new plot in part 2 as well as some new characters.

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Many fans have not seen the OVA episode as part of the first season, which is why season 2 is so eagerly anticipated. There was also a cliffhanger in the first season’s ending, which left the audience unsatisfied. This was the reason why Future Diary no longer needed season 2. The OVA episode was released in June 2013 in response and ties up the story properly

There is still one question, however: will Takae Esuno contribute to the series in another story? It will only be announced when Sakae Esuno does contribute in a future episode.

There was something missing at the end of season 1 when it was released.

Season 2 – Plot Expectations

Future Diary Season 2: Everything we know!

Yukiteru Amano is the protagonist of the story, a young teenager who has a kind appearance. There was no sign of natural imports and he seemed to be always busy in his world, his diary. Each day, he recorded all of his experiences in his diary. His career was at the center of his social life and he was unemployed with two socially connected friends. In addition to Deus Ex Machina, his contacts included the servant of Deus. He became a living being after a few episodes – Deus, the god of time and space.

The god of time and space can be reached by joining the game, Yukiteru was told. In other words, the game involves the 11 members of the team who need to complete different levels in order to destroy the diary. There seems to be an affinity between the gods and the Yukiteru.


The protagonist in Future Diary Season 2 is kind despite all this violence he encounters in the game, and he always keeps himself safe. The game introduces Yuno Gasai, a new friend who loves Yukiteru. The series that Yukteru is a god of time and space is characterized by a twist that always helps him to achieve his goals. Afterward, many secrets were revealed, as well as the motives for all of the characters’ actions in the next episode.

This concludes our article on the new season of Future Diary, we hope you enjoyed it. Next time I’ll see you guys, until then, have a great weekend and stay safe!

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