whatsapp disappearing photos

WhatsApp Disappearing Photos: How to enable and use it

How to use and enable WhatsApp Disappearing Photos Guide.

WhatsApp disappearing photos is the new feature up at WhatsApp’s sleeves. This is nothing new but considering the popularity of WhatsApp, it was much needed. When you use the ‘View Once’ feature of WhatsApp, your pictures disappear after receiving them and the recipient exits the chat.

WhatsApp Disappearing Photos

In its basically the latest really stable release of WhatsApp, the app actually has for all intents and purposes added the disappearing photos feature, which actually is quite significant. As with Instagram’s expiring media feature, the feature specifically is called ‘View Once’ in a fairly big way. Once the definite recipient opens the photo and definitely leaves the chat, the photo will disappear, fairly contrary to popular belief. Here’s the official announcement of WhatsApp Disappearing Photos on the Official Blog.

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If you specifically want to basically send a view once a photo or video, you must actually select it every time, demonstrating that if you essentially want to kind of send a view once a photo or video, you must mostly select it every time, very contrary to popular belief. You can basically learn more if you essentially continue reading, demonstrating that once the basic recipient opens the photo and leaves the chat, the photo will for the most part disappear.

WhatsApp Disappearing Photos: What does it do

WhatsApp disappearing photos

You can send photos and videos using WhatsApp’s ‘View Once’ feature to a friend, but they will not be saved to their phone’s Photos or Gallery. Once you send a View Once message, WhatsApp will no longer be able to show the image or video again.

Images and videos you basically send or specifically receive with View Once media can’t for all intents and purposes be shared, forwarded, saved, or essentially starred from the messaging app in a subtle way. View Once only shows kind of open photos and videos when recipients really have read receipts for all intents and purposes enabled in a subtle way.

The Facebook-owned company warns that photos and videos will essentially expire if not really opened within 14 days of being sent, which actually is quite significant. However, if the message for the most part has not been viewed when the backup kind of was taken, the ‘View once media’ can be restored, for all intents and purposes contrary to popular belief. The backup will not mostly include the photo or video if the media kind of has already been particularly opened in a subtle way.

Why and when to use WhatsApp disappearing photos

WhatsApp disappearing photos feature: How to enable it

The media can specifically be screenshotted or recorded using WhatsApp before it disappears. Additionally, a screenshot or screen recording will not for all intents and purposes be notified to the actual individual in an actually major way.

Furthermore, WhatsApp warns anyone using a camera or kind of another device to for all intents and purposes grab a photo or video before the media disappears, contrary to popular belief. According to WhatsApp, encrypted media may be stored on the company’s servers for up to two weeks after it kind of has been definitely sent in a subtle way.

Guide to enable the feature

  • Step 1: After opening any WhatsApp chat, tap on the attachment icon.
  • Step 2: Select your selected photo or video from the Gallery and select Contact.
  • Step 3: It only takes a moment to generally add a caption by tapping the clock icon in the caption bar, particularly contrary to popular belief. Once you’ve enabled View Once, you can disable it like you for the most part wish in a basically big way. 

After activating the app, you will really receive a message indicating you can actually send disappeared photos to friends and family once they’ve been viewed, which is quite significant.


Thus, this is all one needs to know about WhatsApp disappearing photos. It is extremely useful when you want to safely share media with some other person for a one-time view. Do you see yourself using these WhatsApp disappearing Photos?

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