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You Season 3 on Netflix! Everything we know so far!



You Season 3 Trailer, Release Date, Cast and What we Know

You Season 3: Sequel to the Series

You Season 3: After actor Penn Badgley’s shocking declaration that there would be a third season, it’s time to move on and look forward to Joe Goldberg’s next adventures. Fans have until the end of the year to binge-watch season two of this psychological thriller on Netflix.

You Season 3

The series is an excellent success, but we have many questions left. It seems that the answers to these questions can only be found in a future episode. Now that we’ve gathered all the juicy details we know about series three, we can rest easy knowing it will happen.

What’s happening in You Season 3?

You Season 3

The world is a better place because Penn Badgley keeps his mouth shut in You Season 3. “She doesn’t appear to be the same kind of predator,” the Gossip Girl actor said about Love (Victoria Pedretti) confessing to having murdered Candace (Ambyr Childers) and Delilah (Carmela Zumbado).

Apparently, she is a different kind of… well, I would say – oh, god! – in the third season. He later returned to his original position, saying he “knew nothing” about a third season, but admitted: “Technically… I mean, unofficially?” before nodding his head. As a co-creator, Sera Gamble also disclosed they “have a lot of stories to tell” in You, telling The Hollywood Reporter: “I’m sure we wouldn’t hesitate to say several more seasons would be possible.”

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There are still a few questions that fans have since the end of the previous episode. We’re hoping season three will answer them. WHO is that mysterious neighbor who lives next door to Joe and Love? There are even theories that it may even be Joe’s mother.

How will it work?

You Season 3

The real fate of Love’s husband is a mystery. Could he, too, have been murdered? If so, we would not be surprised. Who is the father of Love’s baby? Could Milo be the father?

Joe’s mother disappeared. What happened to her? Let’s find out. Though Penn doesn’t know where Joe will end up in Caroline Kepnes’ book sequel, Hidden Bodies.

It was said, “I know Joe needs justice. But do I need prison? Do I need death in this case?” I wasn’t sure.”



Candace in You Season 3 definitely has survived death (sort of) once on You, but we doubt she can generally succeed two times, fairly contrary to popular belief. Sera basically has literally said that bringing back sort of dead characters basically is one of her sort of favorite things to do, so it seems anything for the most part is possible, or so they specifically thought. 

We’ll probably generally see Joe and Love again, as well as anyone Joe basically peered at through the fence, or so they thought. Even though Caroline Kepnes’ books don’t for all intents and purposes mention Ellie (Jenna Ortega), we hope she returns in a subtle way. 

In People’s interview, she really says she did not actually know if she would really appear in the show’s first sort of few episodes if she specifically returned in a particularly big way. The issue becomes complicated when I essentially have to show up and then it becomes another issue, which essentially is fairly significant. Yeah, this happens all the time in a sort of major way.

Release & Conclusion

In September of 2018, the first season was released while the second aired on Boxing Day in 2018, so we recommend that it streams mid to end in 2021 for You Season 3. 

You Season 3 will begin streaming on October 15 and run through October 26. Here is the trailer for season three. Love’s voiceover concludes the video with ominous words: “Till death do us part.” 

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