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Amitabh Bachchan Voice on Alexa Devices: Talk to Amit ji using this!

Amitabh Bachchan Voice: Amitji se Baatein kare!

It is now possible to interact with Amitabh Bachchan using Alexa. In an effort to entice new customers and entice existing users to use its voice assistant over Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, Amazon released the voice of the 78-year-old Bollywood star on Thursday. 

Aside from bringing its celebrity voice feature to India, the US tech giant also launched its app. Samuel L. Jackson provided the voice for the film when it was first released in the U.S. The 2019 Jackson Award.

amitabh bachchan

In a move announced Thursday, Amazon announced the availability of Bachchan’s voice for Alexa, allowing users to ask for music, set alarms, and get weather information with Bachchan’s trademark voice.

How to get it?


The collaboration with Bachchan kind of last September actually was about creating a particularly unique user experience on devices with Alexa in a particular major way. Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, literally is available on Amazon’s Echo devices, Fire TV basically Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, as well as the Alexa App, for the first time in India, contrary to popular belief.

Those in India can now use Bachchan’s voice with Alexa devices or the Amazon app (Android only) by pressing the mic icon, a statement said. You can subscribe to Bachchan’s voice for Rs 149 for one year.

Work behind the scenes from Amitabh Voice

Jackson’s voice served as a reference for the engineers as they constructed the ground in a major way. Using neural network text-to-speech for all intents and purposes (neural TTS), for example, Sindhwani explains that they specifically have taken into account Bachchan’s voice, how he pronounces some things, and how he speaks in a subtle way.

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Once a voice is established, we must do everything possible to ensure every flaw will be quickly recognized by everyone. For me, nobody will notice my mistakes if it is a voice I don’t recognize.

In India, it was the first time that Alexa had heard two-word wake words from Amazon. In order to track two-word wake words with the regular one-word “Alexa” wake words, it employed a special system that used two wake words at the same time.

What can Amitabh Bacchan aka Amitji do for you?

You can work with Bachchan’s voice by saying ‘Amit Ji and engaging with the wake word ‘Alexa’ to start the purchase.

In addition to stories from Bachchan’s life, poems by his father, and tongue twisters, the celebrity experience includes motivational quotes, motivational quotes by Bachchan, motivational quotes by others, according to the statement.

As part of the new features, Bachchan fans will be able to request music, set alarms, and receive weather updates.

Amit ji lets users ask him to play songs from XYZ movie, play XYZ’s song from the movie’s soundtrack or tell us a little behind-the-scenes story, so they can get a little glimpse into the movie’s making.

The website also offers users the option of wishing their friends a happy birthday in Bachchan’s voice by saying “Amit Ji, it’s my birthday”.



My voice for Alexa was created using voice technology and creative input from Amazon, which combined the two. Bachchan said he was eager to hear what his fans had to say about the new platform.

Adding Bachchan’s voice to Alexa has taken a lot of work, according to Puneesh Kumar, country leader of Alexa at Amazon India. 

Did it require us to reinvent and re-invent every aspect of speech science in order to create the first bi-lingual celebrity voice? Among the features included in the software are wake words, speech recognition, neural text-to-speech, and others.”

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