WhatsApp down: including Facebook, Instagram for 6+ hours!

WhatsApp down: including Facebook, Instagram for 6+ hours!

WhatsApp down including Facebook Instagram: The entire story

WhatsApp down: Facebook’s family of apps, including WhatsApp, experienced an outage on Monday which affected millions of people from all over the world. 

Whatsapp down

As the WhatsApp CEO expressed his regret over the inconvenience, Will Cathcart said that it was only a “humble reminder” of the large number of people and organizations relying on WhatsApp. WhatsApp chief executive Brian Chcart said he wished to thank all those who worked to bring back the app after it went down, and said the company intends to learn from the incident.

Reaction on other platforms

The global internet has reconnected to at least a part of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram following a nearly six-hour outage. On Monday night, users reported issues with the three platforms owned by Facebook. People tweeting about the inaccessibility said that they began experiencing problems around 9 pm IST. India has an estimated 400 million users of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

In a tweet at 9.37 pm India time, Facebook communications executive Andy Stone said: “We’re aware that some people may be experiencing trouble accessing our products and apps. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Updetector.com reported Whatsapp down including others like Facebook, Instagram around 9 pm. Over two billion people’s favorite social network was down. On its website, Downdetector reports that there may be a widespread outage at Facebook, affecting your service.

As of yet, Facebook has not identified the cause of the outage or when it will regain access to its systems.

Impact on WhatsApp down

whatsapp down

Its platform has 410 million users in India, which makes it the largest market for Facebook. As of January 2018, government data showed there are 530 million WhatsApp users and 210 million Instagram users.

From Monday night, the Facebook family of apps – Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp – faced hours of interruptions affecting millions of Facebook users. According to Zuckerberg, he apologized for the disruption, saying that he knew how important his company’s services are to keeping in touch with those he cares about. WhatsApp down was the major concern for all including Instagram & Facebook.

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Facebook shares fell 4.9% on Monday amid broader sell-offs in technology stocks, the biggest drop since last November. The social network has nearly 2 billion daily active users. Standard Media Index estimates that over the course of the outage, Facebook lost about $545,000 in US ad revenues per hour.


Outages are occurring at the same time a whistleblower took aim at Twitter for putting profit ahead of stemming misinformation and hate speech.

Frances Haugen has revealed herself to be the whistleblower who blew the whistle on Facebook. Her evidence was provided to lawmakers, regulators and the media by Haugen, a product manager at Facebook who worked almost two years on its civic misinformation team. Before leaving after nearly two years, Haugen compiled several documents about Facebook’s knowledge of damaging practices.

Conclusion & After effects

Haugen, 37, told 60 Minutes that the things she observed on Facebook alarmed her. Rather than considering the public’s interest, the company repeatedly sought its own interest, she said. In an effort to prevent this, She copied pages of Facebook’s internal research and set out to rectify the issue.

“I have used several social networks, and I was surprised by my experience at Facebook,” Haugen said. “Facebook has shown time and time again that profit comes first.”

Last month, The Wall Street Journal began publishing some of the findings when Heugen gave a number of the documents to it. Politicians, regulators, and the public have criticized Facebook for the revelations — such as the fact that Facebook knowingly worsened body image issues among teens. Haugen is likely to be in the spotlight further in the future. During her Congressional testimony on Tuesday, she will discuss the impact of Facebook on young people.

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