turkey wildfires

Turkey Wildfires calmed down by rains: Catch the entire story!

Turkey Wildfires and Rains

Wildfires have increased these days like the current Turkey Wildfires. Though Greece has been devastated by fires, leaving forests destroyed and families homeless, but in Turkey, there are mixed prospects after the rain has hit hard-hit areas. 

turkey wildfires

On Saturday, huge wildfires raging across the western United States and parts of Europe continued. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate as firefighters battled the flames for a fifth day in Greece. A heat wave hitting the country had led to the blazes beginning on Tuesday. In Greece, 55 fires were reported on Saturday, a top official said.

Effects of Turkey Wildfires

National park north of Athens was destroyed by flames, and 39 villages on Evia Island were evacuated as well. In addition to burning down buildings and killing animals, the fires have destroyed homes. A volunteer firefighter was among two people who died, and 20 others were hospitalized. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited Athens’ fire department to discuss the situation there. “First and foremost,” he said, he would ensure that fire victim received aid.

The Greek leader said that once this “nightmarish summer” has passed, the country will focus on repairing damaged property and restoring the environment. According to DPA, Germany is helping Greece battle the flames by mobilizing firefighters and emergency vehicles. See what’s happening in other countries regarding wildfires in Turkey, just another country.

Curbing Turkey Wildfires

turkey wildfires

For the 11th day in a row due to Turkey Wildfires, turkey’s firefighters fought blazes with rain as they fought over 5,000 fires. Authorities in southwest Antalya were able to douse the flames because of the rainfall. Firefighters from the province of Mugla, which shares the same name as the provincial capital, battled the fires. Mugla city was engulfed in flames near five areas, and residents of three neighborhoods were evacuated.

Over 200 fires have been reported in 47 of Turkey’s 81 provinces, Turkish Agriculture Minister Bekir Pakdemirli said in a tweet on Saturday. There have also been many animal deaths in the fires. There have been eight deaths so far. Despite the fire, aid workers were able to rescue tortoises in Mugla.

Response to wildfires in Turkey by Rain

Firefighting teams in Turkey have suppressed most of the fires through their dedicated efforts. Besides that, there are still fires in Köyce*iz, Kavakl*dere, Milas, Yatagan, and *one of Mu*la province, located in the southwest. According to Bekir Pakdemirli, there is also one in Sütçüler, Isparta.

As many as 15 forest fires are raging in Mu*la, where firefighting teams are trying to protect a thermal power plant and tourist areas. At the moment, he said, Milas’ fires are “dormant, not causing any significant danger.”

Plan of Action and Current Situation

According to Pakdemirli, 16 aircraft, 9 unmanned aerial vehicles, 57 helicopters, an unmanned helicopter, 850 water tenders and tankers, 150 engineering vehicles, and 5,250 forestry workers have been involved in dealing with the fires.

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And*n’s governor stated on Twitter that the wildfires in Mu*la’s Marmaris, Seydikemer and Y*and* districts, as well as those in the Ayd*n and Burdur provinces, have been put out.

turkey wildfires

Pakdemirli said the fire was also extinguished near Karabük, a province on the Black Sea coast. After precipitation began in the Manvgat and Brad districts of Antalya late on Aug. 6. A carnival-like atmosphere filled the province of Antalya on Aug. 7.

Some Manavgat residents kneeled down on their knees and prayed for the rain, thanking God for the precipitation on the main roads while the wildfires were extinguished by the rain. There was a forest fire in Manavgat’s Orman neighborhood and Manavgat’s Kalemler neighborhood that was put out by rain that lasted 20 minutes.


Various fires began in Turkey’s southern and southwestern regions on July 28. There have been eight reported deaths, according to official figures. Thus, this is everything you need to know about Turkey Wildfire. Special thanks to the rains for curbing the wildfire in Turkey.

The fires have been extinguished by 18 amphibious jets, 57 helicopters, 5,250 personnel, 9 unmanned aerial vehicles, and 150 earthmovers, according to a tweet from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo*

In addition, he explained that a helicopter and four jets supplied from abroad would participate through the contributions of the private sector and non-governmental organizations.

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